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Africa the second largest continent has a lot to offer to travelers looking for an adventurous safari experience. Africa’s wildlife extravaganza coupled with its hospitable people and freshening ambience away from the big cities make it the ultimate safari destination. Ruanda as a country has its fair share of the continents heritage ranging from various wildlife including the endangered Mountain gorillas which you get to see on a gorilla tour. A Rwanda tour is very engaging and entertaining with many activities to engage in such as gorilla trekking in Rwanda, primate treks, game drives, hiking, nature walks, cycling, boat cruises, birding and many others. For more than 10 years, Explore Rwanda tours has organized Rwanda safaris making your safari partner. From Luxury to Budget Rwanda safaris, we at Explore Rwanda tours understand your need enjoy your trip to Rwanda and thus have just the right tour packages for you. Need to book a Gorilla trekking tour or wildlife safari? Contact us now!»

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East Africa is the perfect destination for every traveler who wishes to get the ultimate African safari experience. Endowed with spectacular landscapes, various wildife and very hospitable people, East Africa definately awakens the adventure spirits in every traveller. At Explore Rwanda tours, our safari packages to Rwanda, Uganda and Congo are packged to ensure that all those who travel with us receive an unforgetable African Safari experience.

Rwanda Safaris

Though many travellers come to Rwanda purposely to see the mountain gorillas, there is alot Rwanda has to offer in terms of safaris. Rwanda has 3 national parks, each with its unique attractions that can blow your mind. Rwanda is a mountainous country with several spectacular hills and valleys and friendly people. Rwanda is also amongest the safest places to be in Africa with its economy also growing very fast. There are many Rwanda safari packages to choose from including Rwanda wildlife safaris, Rwanda gorilla tours, Rwanda birding safaris, hiking tours and cultural safaris.

Uganda Safaris

Uganda also Known as the "Pearl of Africa" is a country bordered by Kenya in the East, Sudan in the North, Congo in the west, Rwanda in the south-west and Tanzania in the South. Uganda has 10 national parks each having several safari activities. Uganda is one of the few places to see the Big 5, and of course the mountain gorillas. Some of the things to look out for while planning your Uganda safari include the Murchison falls where the River Nile forces its way through rocks 8 metres wide,the Kazinga channel in Queen elizabeth national park, the snow caped mountain Rwenzori, the Rhinos in Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, gorilla tracking in Bwindi, Game drives (availabe for most parks) and the birds. Our Uganda safari packages offer you the best in terms of Uganda gorilla adventures, Uganda wildlife safaris, Uganda birding safaris, the nile river rafting, and Uganda hiking safaris.

Congo Safaris

DR Congo is located in the central sub-saharan Africa. Congo is one of the most untampered places in Africa and its the closest to what can be called the "Tarzan Africa". Congo is endowed with various winding rivers, equatorial rain forests, the Virunga mountains, lots of wildlife and Birds. Congo is also home to both the lowland and mountain gorillas.