Gorilla Tours

Gorillas are among the most famous attractions which bring travellers to East Africa. There are two major subspecies of gorillas; the mountain gorillas and the lowland gorillas. The mountain gorillas are listed as endangered with only about 900 mountain gorillas surviving to date. The mountain gorillas inhabit the virunga region strecthing between 3 countries the Democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Some of the national parks where one can see the mountain gorillas include the Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, the Bwindi national park in Uganda, and the Virunga national park in Congo. DR Congo also has lowland gorillas just like many other central and west African countries. Before one goes on a gorilla tour, they are required to book a gorilla tracking permit. The price of gorilla tracking permits differs per country. Follow the links below to find out specific details about gorilla trekking safaris per country and also learn more about our Gorilla tours on offer for each of the mountain Gorilla trekking destinations.