The indigenous Rwandese people have family roots from three distinct ethnic groups each with its own unique culture, rituals and others but generally harmoniously living with each other. Our Rwanda cultural tours bring you closest to the indigenous people; learn about homestead set up, roles of each member in a family and community. Cultural ceremonies played a very big role in passing on vital hidden information to community members that each individual interpreted and reacted as a community expected of them. Way of dressing, body posture and mood was a language that could be interpreted and understood by all group members. However with increased population on a land through migrations, emigrations, intermarriages and mingling with other people, introduction of western education, the traditional Rwandan lifestyle has changed; the people are living a mixed and socially improved lifestyle.

The traditional set up which is not written down is getting diluted and on the verge of soon phasing out due to passing on of elders with this vital information. Our safaris to Rwanda are customized to grant you exceptional opportunity of interacting with many community model groups that are set up to conserve the authentic important values that are important for Rwandan identity. On Rwanda safari you by coincidence learn about the ways of survival of Rwanda people, community tools of use, hands on experiences on weaving lessons, preparations of sumptuous African dishes preparations, herbal medicine preparation and dosage, music, dance, storytelling experiences, cultural ceremonies like birth of twins, wedding and initiation of boys to adulthood dressing and many others which you can compare with your own at home and appreciate how Africans harnessed nature. Below are some safaris where you get to visit cultural sites.