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Want to be part of a Congo gorilla trekking experience /Congo safaris experience/ congo tours?  We offer low affordable Congo safaris at very good prices. Endowed with thick equatorial forests, large rivers flowing through the jungles, active volcanoes, rare flora and various wildlife species, the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Africa. Congo tours are ideal for adventurous travelers and thus popular for people interested in participating in vigorous safari activity. The Congo (DRC) provides unique opportunities for tourists to Camp in Africa’s largest equatorial forest (only comparable to the Amazon), explore the Africa’s largest river, trek and meet the pygmies and of course embark on wildlife safaris including tracking the endangered lowland Gorillas in Virunga and Kahuzi-Biéga national parks. The Congo Kinshasha has 6 national parks, Virunga National Park; where gorilla trekking safaris take place from, Garamba National Park, Kahuzi-Biéga National Park, Upemba National Park, Maiko National Park, and the Okapi wildlife reserve each providing outstanding adventure opportunities. Apparently, we arrange tours to Virunga National Park, Kahuzi-Biéga and Mount Nyiragongo. The main activity in Virunga is mountain gorilla trekking where as the main activity in Mount Nyiragongo is volcano hiking. You can go ahead to combine these two Congo safari activities in a single package.

Much as there has been a security breach to Congo’s Tourism industry, things are bound to change starting 2019. Virunga Foundation has committed to acquiring the services of an international security agency to take charge of protecting the park from rebel groups and poachers. With such measures in place, you can rest be assured of extreme safety when you visit Virunga National Park or Mount Nyiragongo for a Congo safari tour. We can take you to Congo for a tour at very affordable costs. See some of our Congo safaris below.