Travel after COVID-19 world pandemic

Travel after COVID-19 world pandemic

Travel after COVID-19 world pandemic: The normal day to day life of the people of the world was grasped by a world pandemic virus that halted a lot of businesses and lifestyles. Covid-19 spread vastly across the world and was declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) in February 2020 as a world pandemic disease. This global pandemic said to have originated from a city of the Republic of China called Wuhan where the first case was identified in December 2019 affected the most economies as people had to limit movements and maintain social distancing to avoid the spread and contracting of this viral disease. COVID-19 is a respiratory viral disease that is the reason specialists advised on washing hands on a regular basis to kill any virus that you may have carried after touching a surface that has the virus. This virus stays on surfaces for a few days before it dies thus the advised disinfection of public places often as well as homes to keep safe.

The tourism sector could have been hit the most or might be the most affected as this viral disease advises against movements but that should not limit you from booking your safari as you can’t afford to miss out on the thrill travel gives you and the refreshment after a getaway. You can only just follow the precaution guidelines given by WHO to avoid contracting the virus as this is basically a behavioral disease. Once you check your list of a mask, sanitizer and a few pairs of gloves and maintain a 1 meter distance, why would you fail to take on a tour. There are a few expectations of how travel will be in the months after airports and borders have been reopened to the public to fly to one destination to another.  A few travel procedures will be put in place to ensure your safety as a traveller and also the safety of the natives of the region you will be travelling to. 

The aviation sector has already drawn up a few measures that will be strictly followed until we can be cleared of this virus or when the vaccine has been tested and proved to be effective. The aviation sector is a major role player in curbing the spread of this infection and with vigilance of the staff and the airline; travel between destinations and around the world will be possible again. Just like the events that followed the 11/11 where any sort of weapon was prohibited on flight, this virus will lead to changes as argued out below.

Starting with the online registration for a flight which is the major step when booking a flight, every applicant will be required to download and fill out an immunity passport. This passport or document confirms if you have any COVID-19 antibodies in your system and this is more like the yellow fever card that travellers are asked to submit when travelling to most destinations especially the tropical states in the summer time. The online registration has previously been just entering of passport details, visa information, baggage check in, seat selection and pay for any other extra service needed but now on top of all that, be sure to fill out that COVID-19 Immunity passport. This will protect the airport staff and other travellers from physical contact and also keep the virus away from the surfaces at the airport in case of any infected travellers thus Travel after COVID-19 world pandemic. 

Following the entry procedure at the airport, where travellers were expected to arrive at the airport atleast two hours to their time of check in will not be the case anymore as only the travellers who have arrived 4 hours in time will be cared for. On arrival, everyone will be subjected to a mandatory health clearance that will be supervised by representatives from World Health Organization (WHO), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and the International Air Transport Association with an aim to determine how valid the inspection is and also the walking standards during the whole visit away from the airport.

On check in, the fast internet check in and continue straight for the security check may phase out in the long while as passengers will be subjected to complete the health check up to access any COVID-19 symptoms and this is similar to the regular CT scan or even some airlines will take a step further and carry out blood tests. Luggage will be placed in custom bags and UV sterilized is a special lane while you are taking the test. The check in crew will definitely be set up behind protective barriers similar to pharmacies and some airports had already accustomed to such setting to protect them. Seats will be assigned to the travellers maintain the distance between travellers and will also be provided with masks and gloves as protective wear for the rest of the flight. Every piece of luggage per traveller will be subjected to pass through fog sterilizers, UV disinfection that includes even the carry on bags. 

Passengers are advised to keep their masks and gloves on at all times to protect and prevent them from spreading or catching the infection. Security cameras will have to be updated as they may not be able to see through the facial masks worn as protective gear. With all the measures to ensure healthy travel, the departure area will only be exited by those whose tests results came back clear while those whose results were invalid or abnormal, will be denied a boarding pass. You will only board the plane after you receive a mobile notification that will be shown as the pass for every individual. All travellers will be expected to maintain the social distance as marked in the waiting area and at all times when at the airport. Upon boarding the plane, every passenger along with their luggage will have to be properly sanitized or sterilized. With the protective gear on at all times while on the flight from point A to point B, will be the new flight look. Meals on board will be suspended and you will be expected to have packed and well sealed food. The new ear will have less touching of surfaces on the plane and sanitizing of surfaces regularly by the travellers thus Travel after COVID-19 world pandemic. 

On arrival to the destination, passengers will again be subjected to the same procedure as in check in with thermal scanners to check temperatures, and aircrafts will also be subjected to a deep clean every after a flight which will make the lay overs longer as the aircraft will not be ready for boarding until all this has been done. 

The confidence in travelling to different destinations will be restored and things will get much better and saver. For now, let us stay home and stay safe as we plan for our tour in the next few months to wash away the depression that comes with being confined in one place. You will be able to visit your dream destination soon or dream attraction. Had you planned to visit Uganda, Rwanda and DRCongo soon, that should not be a worry, we shall be ready to host you soon when the world calms down. This is not the first world pandemic and life stabilized and still moved on after the last world pandemic so there is hope. 

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