Buffalo Springs national park is located in Isiolo County in Northern region of Kenya and it was officially established as a national park in 1948 covering a total surface area of about 131 square kilometers. And this national park derived its name from the Esawo River which is considered as the main water source in the park and it is found within the western region of the park hence it is known to have been formed due to the rises of the underground stream. More so, this national park is known to be a perfect destination to travel to while on a safari due to the fact it has a calm environment for relaxation which is surrounded with a good green lush vegetation cover, thick acacia, riverside grasses, doum palm forests which act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species.

Buffalo springs national park has many tourists’ attractions, which motivate tourists to move from different parts of the world to see hence, improving a lot towards the development of the tourism industry of Kenya. And some of these attractions include; the Ewaso Nyiro river which is commonly referred to as the muddy river and seen as one of the best spots to see many animals and birds, Buffalo springs which are considered to be main attraction in the park where even its name was derived and it has around 3 springs which is a home to many predators and mammal species. more so, this national park is a home to a variety bird species such as; bare-eyed thrush, Ashy cisticola, black-capped social weaver, black-capped social weaver, African pal swift, black bellied sunbird, brown tailed rock chat, chestnut weaver, hunters sunbird, lanner falcon, palm-nut vulture, red-winged lark, somali bee-eater, rufous chatter, spotted palm thrush, von der dickens hornbill, Vulturine guinea fowl, white headed mouse bird, yellow-vented Eremomela and many others.

Buffalo Springs national park is a good destination for a Kenya wildlife safari because it is a home to many animals that tourists exploring around the park can always see and some of these birds include; hyenas, lions, elephants, zebras, greater and lesser kudus, hyenas, waterbucks, impalas, wild dogs, leopards, elands, giraffes and many others.

Activities done in Buffalo Springs National park.

Touring around  Buffalo springs  national park gives you great opportunities to engage into many interesting activities which include; bird watching due to the fact this game park is a home to around 390 bird species, game viewing because tourists usually sight see many animals  such as; Nile crocodiles and buffalos which are always seen bathing from the muddy water, game drives which are normally different sessions such as; morning, afternoon and evening and they are best done from 4 by 4 wheels which have an open roof and large widows which enables tourists to capture classic views of the wildlife animals and all the beautiful features in the park, community visits and cultural encounters where individuals get to interact with the Samburu people and learn a lot about their traditions and history, guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with park guides whose role is to lead them through different trails due to the fact they are so familiar with the park and also ensure the safety of both the animals and people among others.

Accommodation facilities in Buffalo Springs National park.

Buffalo springs national park has so many comfortable accommodation facilities, which are always available for guests who choose to have their stay within the park. However, these lodging facilities are always ranged and classified differently such as from budget, mid-range and luxury hence giving a chance to visitors to choose where to stay considering where it matches with their budget and according to their preferences. Therefore, some of these lodges include; King Bush camp, Ashnil Samburu camp, sarova Shaba game lodge, elephant bedroom camp, Samburu simba lodge and many others.

Buffalo Springs National Park
Ashnil Samburu camp

How to access Buffalo Springs National park.

Buffalo springs National park can be easily accessed due to the fact that it is located about 15 kilometers within the Southeastern region of Nairobi and it is known as to be among the best safari destination to travel to while on a tour in Kenya and tourists can choose to travel to this national park while using either road transport or air transport means. Therefore, for those who opt to use the road transport means can take a drive of about 22 kilometers while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the country and sight seeing many attractions along their way from Nanyuki to Isiolo which which lead you to the main gate of the park. more so, for individuals who wish to skip the long trips due to their tight schedules can choose to use the Air transport means as they book their flights from Nairobi Wilson airport to the Buffalo springs Airstrip as they then take a short drive to reach the park.

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