Mount Sabyinyo

Mount Sabyinyo is an extinct volcano in east Africa, north-east of Lake Kivu one of the east African great lakes in western branch of the east African rift, and west of lake Bunyonyi in Uganda.

Mount Sabyinyo

The name” Sabyinyo” derived from the Kinyarwanda word” iryinyo” meaning “tooth”. The mountain carries the local nickname “old man’s teeth” because it serrated summit resembles spaced teeth in the gum line of an old man (in contrast to the perfect conical summits of the adjacent mountains in this range).

It stands 3,645m above sea level, marks the intersection of the borders of the Democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. It straddles the adjoining national parks of virunga national park in Democratic republic of Congo, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Mgahinga national park in Uganda.

The slopes of Mount Sabyinyo are habitat to the endangered mountain gorillas.

Mount Sabyinyo appears unclimbable from Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo, however the Uganda wildlife Authority implemented a solid trail (no ropes or specialized gear required that departs from the Mgahinga national park’s headquarters, just up the road from the volcanoes safaris’ Mgahinga lodges.

We recommend those fit climbers (with stamina and good health status), who are not afraid of height (the steep drop offs near the top of volcano can be vertigo- inducing).

The climbing permit costs $50 per person, the hike starts at 08:00 am on the morning of your trek from the Mgahinga Park’s headquarters where Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) guide will brief you about the task ahead.

Most climbers can complete the hike in 8 hours in total including 5 hours of ascending to the summit, and 3 hours back from the summit.

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