Rwanda National Parks have a great deal of attraction and activities to offer for the traveler. Endowed with a number of Species, Rwanda happens to be one of the few countries in the world that have national parks with Gorilla species.

Mountain Gorillas can be found in Volcanoes National Park. Other Rwanda National Parks include Akagera National Park and Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Other species that are included in the the Rwanda National Parks include; Chimpanzees, Red -tailed monkey, Silver monkey, Golden monkey, diverse Bird Species, buffaloes, rhinos, zebras, topis, water-bucks, impalas, hippos, lions, leopards and many others.

During your trip to these National Parks you will be engaged in a number of activities which include; Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe, Gorilla Trekking  in Volcanoes National Park, Game Viewing and Boat Cruise in Akagera and many others like Birding.

Book your trip to Rwanda with us and get to enjoy the diversity of these national parks.