Frequently Asked Questions About Virunga National Park: Are you contemplating a relocation to Africa but haven’t decided on a safari destination? The Democratic Republic of the Congo has you covered with Virunga National Park. Virunga National Park is located in the Albertine Rift Valley in the eastern section of the Republic of Congo. The park is one of Africa’s earliest protected places, established in 1925 and covers an area of around 8,090 square kilometers.

Virunga National Park is home to two active volcanoes, Mount Nyiragongo and Nyamuragira, which have had a profound impact on the park’s fauna and environment. The park is an ideal safari destination, with a range of activities listed below that will transport you back to Congo with your friends or family.

Where is Virunga National Park located?

Virunga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is situated in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Virunga is the continent’s most ecologically diversified protected region, a national park that is starting on an ambitious development initiative known as the “Virunga Alliance”.

What are the most protected species in Virunga National Park?

The Virunga Massif and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which cover sections of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda, are home to the whole world’s population of endangered mountain gorillas. Virunga National Park’s protected montane forests are home to more than one-third of the world’s population, with six new babies born in 2022 alone.

Is it Safe to visit Virunga National Park?

Yes, it is safe to visit Virunga National Park. For those of you who are interested in visiting the park will be escorted by security personnel from Goma to the park. This is to ensure your safe travel to the park and back to Goma.

Why is Virunga National Park so famous?

Referred to as Africa’s oldest national park, Virunga national park a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized for its diverse animal habitats, including forests, savannas, rivers, lakes, marshlands, active and dormant volcanoes, and permanent glaciers. It is also known for being home to around 200 critically endangered mountain gorillas.

What wildlife can be found in Virunga National Park?

The most notable animals in Virunga include forest and savanna elephants, hippos, okapis, lions, and mountain gorillas. Virunga has more bird species than the whole United States and more than three times the number of species in the United Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Virunga National Park
Gorilla Trekking in Virunga

What are the threats to Virunga National Park?

All species in Virunga National Park are threatened by habitat loss, which is mostly caused by illicit charcoal manufacture and slash and burn agricultural techniques used for energy and revenue generating. New settlements by people escaping strife in the region are also encroaching on mountain gorilla territory.

How many sectors are there in Virunga National Park?

Virunga National Park is divided into four sectors: the center sector (known as Lulimbi), the southern sector (known as Kibumba), the northern sector, and the eastern section (also known as Bukima). Each of these four areas provides distinct experiences for visitors.

What makes Virunga National Park unique?

Virunga National Park is unlike any other African park, having an active volcanic chain and a diverse range of ecosystems that outnumber those found elsewhere.

How many Mountain Gorillas are found in Virunga National Park?

Approximately 350 individuals out of the world’s estimated 1,075 wild mountain gorillas dwell in the resource-rich Virunga Mountains, where exploitation threatens their very survival. This majestic giant ape, far less abundant and more lovely than any raw resource, is the true treasure of the DRC.

Are there lions living in Virunga National Park?

Virunga’s tree-climbing lions are mostly found in the Ishasha Valley, a transboundary environment maintained in collaboration with Uganda, where they fight with people for habitat and resources.

Why is Virunga National Park in danger?

Nevertheless, being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Virunga National Park is frequently endangered by conflict, poaching, criminal activity, and unavoidable natural calamities.

What’s the current situation in Virunga National Park?

The most recent closure occurred in December 2021, when the park’s surrounding regions were attacked twice, prompting management to close the park until the problem was resolved. Plans of reopening Virunga National Park has not yet been communicated by the park management. Once the situation on ground is declared safe by the government for both tourists and nationals, then perhaps plans  of reopening the park will be communicated.

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