Interesting Facts About Uganda  : While choosing Uganda as the perfect destination to visit, where you can take part in a number of famous activities while participating in the different tourism activities like; gorilla trekking in Uganda in Uganda which will give you the opportunity to observe the behavior of the primates in the wild, during your gorilla trekking experience in Uganda you can also participate in gorilla habituation which will help you observe the authentic experiences of the primates in the wild as they get accustomed to human presence.

During your Uganda safari you can also have an amazing experience participating in golden monkey trekking in Uganda as you visit Mgahinga national park, the game drives in Uganda like the game drives in Murchison falls national park, the game drives in queen Elizabeth national park, the lion tracking experience in queen Elizabeth national park which will help have the most rewarding wildlife safaris in Uganda, travelers can also participate in the cultural tours. Before you participate in the Uganda safari tour, here are some of the interesting facts about Uganda that you should know before you visit Uganda and these include;


Don’t be alarmed when you hear the locals calling you mzungu, this is a term you will hear which translates to a white person that’s how the locals distinguish a white person from the locals. They are not insulting you but rather being friendly. Therefore, if you hear people calling you Mzungu with their big smile on, you can reciprocate the gesture by smiling back because they are very hospitable and they are interested in making strangers feel at home. Interesting about the people of Uganda once they get to know you’re name you won’t hear the mzungu name being called out.

Interesting Facts About Uganda
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To the world, the Rolex is an expensive watch which can also be bought in Uganda, however the much more famous version of the Rolex is eaten.  A Rolex is among the famous cuisines in Uganda that you should not miss out on if you’re interested in understanding more about the culture of the people of Uganda through their traditional dishes.

A traditional Rolex comprises of a chappati which is similar to a flat bread wrapped around and egg omelette with different vegetables which is mistaken for a wrap. However, you can have fun with your Rolex by adding different ingredients like chicken, beef and other vegetables to make your Rolex customized to your liking. Interesting about the Rolex is the fact that you can also participate in the Rolex festival in Uganda which will help you explore the different types of the Rolex that are made in the country as you enjoy the different culture of the people as you interact with the locals. You can also get to access the Rolex at the different stalls from the different vendors at a very cheap price less than 1 dollar however the price increases with the different ingredients that you use to customize your Rolex, Interesting Facts About Uganda .


Don’t be surprised by the cultural shock when you visit Uganda the country. The country embraces the traditions and their culture with more than 52 tribes that practice different cultural values that they still practice up-to date that you will find thrilling watching for an amazing safari experience. You should respect their values because it is an important part to their identity. You can visit a number of cultural sites in the country to help you understand more about the cultural values of the people of the country.


There are no designated stops when it comes to transport in Uganda, interesting about the transport system is how reliable it is in the sense that you can be dropped off at a location of your choice at any given time therefore you can hop on any transport means and be assured to be dropped off at the location of your choice. Among the different transport means include the motor cycles also known as the boda bodas’’ which are the quickest means of transport, you can also take a taxi which is also another cheap alternative for public transport. You can also hire private means of transport by using a number of different transport apps like safe boda, Uber and bolt to help you get to your designated areas of interest in the most comfortable way.

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