Is it safe for one to visit and tour around in Kigali? The land of Rwanda popularly known as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’, located at the center of east Africa comes out as a single story representing great triumph over turmoil which the land endured at some point in history. It’s no surprise that its stunning capital Kigali serves as proof of how Rwanda’s never say die attitude triumphed over any hardships thrown at it. We will now take a deep dive on the captivating experiences that Kigali offers, the complex system of security measures that protect them and give it a more comprehensive definition than just a place.

For those who are forced to navigate through Kigali’s complex maze of narrow streets, the dense fabric of the labyrinthine tapestry of safety looms as a primary worry. Truly, Kigali is one of those few cities in Africa where an individual can stroll in the night and not have to worry too much about their safety unlike most capitals with the loudest sounds of crimes going on at nights. Known for being friendly and hospitable, the Rwandans themselves add their own share towards the welcoming warmth which is extended to all the wanderers near and afar. With an almost fanatical passion, the colonial overlords have erected the barriers of strict security ensuring that even under the silver light of the moon one is as able to walk the enigmatic streets of Kigali as in daylight.

However, pray also enjoy the beautiful tune of Kigalis’s cleanliness calling a careful tourist sight. The city’s perfect visage is revealed as a result of constant cleaning efforts and an iron fist in the anti-litter campaign. Winding through such charming avenues, visitors notice a distinct lack of throwaway plastic ephemera that contributes to the city’s visual appeal while creating a living space that fosters vigorous youthfulness for locals as well as vacationers who revel in good health and revitalization

Kigali is the inter-ethnic mix of many tribes and culture that presents the rainbow of various colors and makes the city colorful. The city which is like a huge bazaar of arts and crafts conducts luxurious ballets which are represented by the numerous local markets full of multicolored artifacts, fabrics and souvenirs made by hands. Wanderers live in the midst of an indisputable crestfallen in Rwandan cultures because they witness pirouette of the dances, see tableaux in art exhibitions and listen to the music festivals of the nation’s continuous inheritance.

The Rwandan catastrophe genocide of 1994 as we unroll the page of history is solemn, but it provides us with an opportunity to view the radiant path of reconciliation and national integration of this East African country through its dark history sheets. Our poetic locus Kigali is also a place that has created several memorial sites like the holy Kigali Genocide Memorial, where travellers can show their reverence to the martyrs and understand, though with sorrow but optimism, about Rwanda’s journey Like relics, these sites talk testimony about the unconquerable soul of the Rwanda people and in that shadow, reveal more complexities of Rwanda’s history tapestry.

The valiant tourist’s palate shall be captivated by delicately woven tastes of Rwanda, extracted from the copious produce found in this country. Ugali is the maize-based symphony, Isombe with cassava leaves and groundnut sauce duo, while the savory Brochettes, which are tender meat skewered and kissed by the flames of a grill calling! Culinary mosaic has some of the international offerings which make sure that each palate ranging from the very simple one to the richest person can have pleasure from the dining frenzy in Kigali town.

The gateway to amazing scenes lies past the boundaries of the city, and Kigali opens that gate. Volcanoes National Park invites trekkers to explore on a Rwanda safaris among the ancient giants of Rwenzori Mountains and the rare mountain gorillas living under their sacred protective canopies. The wow forest national park is Nyangwa forest where people can do hiking safaris and enjoy bird watching because it is home to many birds.

Is it safe for one to visit and tour around in Kigali?
Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes

Rwanda, which is one of the first countries to organize green tourism strategies and policies, proclaims nature friendly and environmental conservation based tourism and focuses on community development and wildlife protection programs. Therefore, zealous voyagers can try out many voluntourism activities, such as planting, and uplifting community co-operative ventures. The initiatives provide additional colour to the “tapestry” experience of the tourist and are part the “tapestry of wellness” that embraces the local community, a “patchwork” of threads of union, care and development.

As we approach our last part of the song, let it be clear that while Kigali may indeed by a security zone, it offers more than just a safe place for the wandering traveler. Kigali gladly welcomes open hearted smiles and culture, cuisine, and dedication to sustainability as a way of life. Therefore, walking in alleys of the city and entering into Rwandan beautiful surroundings, one perceives not only landscapes that are appealing to emotions, but also Rwandan story about resilience, confidence and harmony music.

Therefore, those considering a journey through the fascinating blanket of East Africa should have no fear about Kigali as it is not just an oasis of security but a marvelous work of art one needs to see. The splendor of Kigali, the radiance of Kigali’s cultural essence, and the metamorphosis of Rwanda – in this state, you embrace the opulence of Kigali, subsume your being in the richness of Kigali

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