Kwita Izina 2017: How It Went Down

Is the event of giving a name to endangered mountain gorillas newborn babies, commonly known as ‘KwitaIzina’, has been part of Rwandan culture and tradition for centuries, is an extremely popular attraction for guests It was initiated in 2005 with the aim of creating awareness of conservation efforts for the endangered mountain gorillas and their habitats in the Volcanoes national park, The aim of this ceremony is to help monitor each individual gorilla in their group and natural habitat and  celebration of the successful conservation of the endangered mountain gorillas.

Kwita Izina 2017

This year the 13th KwitaIzina event took place on 1, September, 2017 at Musanze district in Kinigi sector as usual. Thousands of residents from Musanze district and distinguish visitors from different countries in the world such as Haiti, Nigeria, Kenya, Germany, USA and France were there to attend the event.

List of 19 names given and namers

  1. Name: UMUHOZA

Namer: Graham Ledger

  1. Name: URUNGANO

Namer: Gisa gakwisi

  1. Name: IRIBA

Namer: Dr. Nyinawamwiza Laetitia


Namer: Mr. Greg Bakunzi

  1. Name: IMIRASIRE

Namer: Justin Stevens

  1. Name: INKINGI

Namer: Mr. Joe MacDonald

  1. Name: UMUTWARE

Namer: Mr. Howard Buffett

  1. Name: INKESHA

Namer: Ms. Patience Ozokwor

  1. Name: IYAMARERE

Namer: Chloe Bello

  1. Name: UBUDASA

Namer: Mr. Andrew Muir

  1. Name: UBWIZA

Namer: Ms.Veronika Varekova


Namer: Mr. Thomas Schaefer


Namer: Mr. Jean Kayihura

  1. Name: URUYANGE

Namer: The Ben

  1. Name: ARAKAZA

Namer: Dr. Winnie Kiiru

  1. Name: MACIBIRI

Namer: Dr. Tara Stoinski


Namer: Hon. Laurent Lamothe

  1. Name: INYANGE

Namer: Dr. Olivier Nsengimana

  1. Name: ISUKU

Namer: Dr. Eberhard Fischer

Esteemed guest was He is excellence Paul Kagame, the president of republic of Rwanda

Kwita Izina 2017

It was great time to those who attended this event to hear encounter of His excellence Paul Kagame with mountain gorillas 14 years ago.

“we went to visit gorillas, we were with very senior guest, as were were there, one of baby gorilla got scared and screaming the silver back came towards us and it seemed that was ready to fight, the guide told us to get down, as we were down the guest whispered at me, can you tell these gorillas that you are the president and I told my guest that I didn’t want a fight with the gorillas in their habitat, that the silver back were the kings at that moment”.

Distinguished Guests had great time to take memorable pictures with His excellence Paul Kagame.

See more photos from the event below;

Kwita Izina 2017


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