Perfect Honeymoon in Rwanda : Honeymooners are drawn to Rwanda; a thousand hills, like no other for its appeal and natural landscape. Hidden deep in the heart of Africa, this magical location features tropical forests, a host of wild animals, and rich traditions. Rwanda is an ideal place for romance-seeking couples looking for a unique honeymoon destination. On a trip of romance in Rwanda, this travel narrative leads you into a perfect recipe of the unforgettable honeymoon.

Rwanda tour to Kigali City

The romantic journey starts in Kigali, which is both the largest and the capital of Rwanda. Kigali stands as an epitome of defiance and hope despite its gloomy history. It is a warm welcome that meets you once you arrive as it sets the mood for your honeymoon endeavor. Visit the Kigali Genocide memorial, which is an evidence of Rwanda’s past and witness modern architecture in the city. Sample the local delights while listening to the sounds of Kigali night life at its best by indulging yourself in delicious Rwandan dishes within the cozy ambience of one of the town’s romantic restaurants.

Exploring Volcanoes National Park

Walk on the wild side in the Volcanoes National Park where you will find the famous mountain gorillas. Walk with experienced rangers into the thick, green forest. Every step is an excitement and meeting these soft giants among those big animals is a magical delight. Seeing how they play and have relaxed faces will bond you forever. Thus, this becomes one of unforgettable moments of your honeymoon trip. Later on, relax in a luxury lodge that overlooks a hazy backdrop of volcanoes having had the best of days enjoying Rwandan coffee with its wonderful flavors and velvety texture.

Lake Kivu

Extend your romantic tour through Lake Kivu, one of the greatest African lakes. The lake provides a quiet respite in between charming fishing villages with thick green hills around. Set to be aboard a boat while in the process of crossing the lake will enable you to watch the amazing golden sunsets reflected on its surface. Plunge into the transparent waters of the lake to enjoy various water activities of just relax on its white beaches.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

At Nyungwe forest national park, immerse yourself into the sound track of nature and be a lover of the tree huggers. The forest provides shelter to chimpanzees, colobus monkeys as well as a wide variety of birds. Take a walk with a guide among the thick vegetation and old trees while their harmonized music plays a lullabies for you. Such a moment would be spotting a band of playful chimpanzees swinging in the trees. To have an ultimate magical experience, walk through the canopy that is suspended over the forest and gives breath taking view of the green jungle.

Cultural Immersion

Perfect Honeymoon in Rwanda
Perfect Honeymoon in Rwanda

However, you should never miss out on the experience of interacting with the lively Rwandan culture when visiting Rwanda for a honeymoon. Pay a visit to the rural areas where you can get involved in fun dances while drinking home-made banana drinks and learn how the locals create Rwandan arts that include Imigogongo painting. Interact with the locals through telling them stories. This is one approach used to learn about the customs of a country as well as the history. Take part in a traditional Rwandan wedding whose drumbeats and ululations will reverberate through your minds forever enclosing your memories on the amazing culture of Rwanda.

Akagera National Park

Go for a trip off the usual route to Akagera National Park which is at the boundary between Rwanda and Tanzania. It reveals grasslands, lakes and acacia woods in a sharp contrast of green against the blue sky. Go for a game drive to see the African big five which are the lions, elephant, Buffalo, leopard and Rhino. Have a romantic bush dinner when the setting sun is painting the sky a bright vermilion and the night is coming with the wild voices as soundtrack for this special evening that you will remember always.

Rwandan Cuisine

The foodie of Rwanda is the flavor fusion that shows the plentiful of agriculture and unique culture. Satisfy your taste by eating on local goods namely Ugali- which is a dish that comprises of maize flour. Eat it along with meat and other multicolored vegetables. Enjoy the deliciously marinated brochettes (skewers of grilled meat), Akabenz (traditional Rwandan stew). Do not forget to try the famous Rwandan tea and coffee that is perfectly brewed for your pleasure and enjoyment. Attend a cooking class and learn how to cook these delicious meals that will remind you of your trip to Rwanda as long as you live.


You take home endless precious memories which have forever been etched in your hearts as your perfect honeymoon in Rwanda gradually draws to a close. Romance and adventures woven in breath-taking landscapes, wild lives and cordial souls in Rwanda have stories that stick to your soul as memories. Your unusual trip has more than just strengthened your relationship even closer, it also introduced you to the deepest secrets of African nature and its fascinating heritage that Rwanda possesses. Honeymoon should not be about the destination alone, but rather, it should be a combination of shared experiences, beautiful and special moments and the growth in love towards each other. From love story to a painting of joy, adventure, and intimacy: How Rwanda, with its unique allure, has become an extraordinary background for this love story. You depart from this splendid land taking not only your own memories, but an indescribable feeling of utmost thankfulness for the best honeymoon ever experienced which started the rest of your life together in the sky Africa in Rwanda.

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