RwandaAir Suspends Flights To Uganda : Rwanda bans flights from Uganda amidst the 2nd phase of covid-19 in Uganda which has increased the number of covid cases in Uganda.  Uganda is among the African countries that have fought  hard against covid-19 and with the first phase of the virus in the country, a number  of success was seen where a number of cases were contained, there were few deaths and this led to opening up of a number of businesses and a number if tourism destinations.

Uganda also introduced the covid-19 vaccination in march 2021 as a way to fight against covid-19 but with the 2nd phase of covid-19 in the country, a lot has changed and this has led to a number of increase in the number of cases in the country which has led to Rwanda banning flights from Uganda because of the ongoing cases.

It should be noted that Rwanda has managed to keep in check a number of covid-29 cases and in Africa, its among the African countries that are safe to be visited because of the numerous standard operating procedures like travellers that land at the airport are advised to present a covid-19 certificate, while taking part in  activities in the country, they are advised to put on their face masks, Travellers should maintain a safe distance away from one another to avoid spreading and contracting the virus.

Other measures include regular use of a hand sanitizer and regularly disinfecting the surfaces that tourists get in contact with them, tourists that have recovered from the virus, they should present their recovery documents to ensure that you are safe from the virus, A passenger locator slip should be filled in for easy location  in case you came in contact with the people that had the virus amongst other standard operating procedures to ensure that you have an amazing and safe during the covid-19 pandemic.

RwandaAir Suspends Flights To Uganda
RwandaAir Suspends Flights To Uganda

 For tourist interested in visiting the republic of Rwanda from Uganda,  Rwandair announced that all passenger flights from Rwanda to Entebbe in Uganda were banned  on June 10th 2021 until further notice and this was as a result of the increased covid-19 cases which have claimed a number of people’s lives and as a way for the republic of Rwanda to protect its people from the  virus, they  banned all the flights as a control measure against the spread of the virus and because the Uganda  is in its second phase of the virus it implies that the virus is spread faster and the death rate of the virus is very high compared to the first phase of the virus.

Tourists that had already booked flights to Entebbe should have nothing to worry about because they will be refunded their money and also if interested the passengers can rebook and fly at a later date once flights resume or can request a refund.  This was done to ensure flexibility of booking in order for passengers not to get any hindrances during the devastating time.

It should be noted this is not the first time Rwanda has put its people at the very  top in regards to their safety during covid-19, the country has put up a number of lockdowns in the country as a way to combat the spread of covid-19 amongst other  safety prevention measures which brought about a number of results like the decrease in the number of new covid-19  cases in the country and this too will yield a number of results because of a number of other safety measures that are also being put in place and for any tourists with queries, they can visit the Rwandair website for more information before booking any trip to the country.


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