Safari itinerary is a common word to most people planning for a safari any time of the year in any part of the world. So in this Article we want to talk about a safari itinerary; to help you know more about it.

So what is a safari itinerary?

This is a document or a written piece with a detailed outline of what your doing to do on your safari for the duration you are on a safari.

Usually the itinerary starts from the day you arrive in the country and ends on the day that you leave in the country.

What is the use of a safari itinerary?

Safari itineraries are used as a guide for you on your safari to help you know where to be and when to be there. They give flow to your safari.

They also help you see and know the different activities you have to do on the Rwanda Tour. Generally they give you an overview and an expectation for your safari.

Who makes the safari itinerary?

In normal circumstances; tour companies  and tour consultants make itineraries and then share with their clients. However, there have been incidents where the clients have  information of where they want to go and what they want to do so they make the itinerary and share with the tour consultant  for costing.

That said to make an accurate and realistic itinerary, you need to be in consultation with your tour operator because they know the places your going to and the activities you will have to see there.

Also it’s the tour operators who can cost and quote itineraries best.

So we think you can make an itinerary together with your tour consultant.

How long is an average itinerary?

Itineraries don’t have a definite length; the length of the itinerary period is based on the place you are going to and the activities you will do on your safari. They can be as short as one day and as long as 30 days.

It all depends on preference, places you are visiting and activities will do on your safari.

Safari itinerary
Safari itinerary

Can you adjust the itinerary during the safari?

Yes you can but in consultation and with guidance from your tour consultant.

Life is unexpected so anything can happen before or during the safari, there is room to adjust, but as stated you need to be guided and advised by your tour consultant.

Who is supposed to help me execute the itinerary?

The tour guide. The role of a tour guide is to take you on the safari, to the safari destinations and safari activities hence they are helping execute the itinerary.

Tour guide work hand in hand with the tour consultants and operators.

What makes an itinerary tick?

This is relative, but an itinerary is tick when its able to give you the experience you expected, able to take you to the places you wanted and to the activities you longed for on the safari.

To conclude an itinerary is helpful, to not only give you an overview of the safari but help you have flow on your safari, know where to go when how etc.

So as you plan for that safari make sure you get the best itinerary to suit your preferences, schedule and budget.

You can get already made itineraries from out website or contact any of our tour consultants for a tailor made itinerary.


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