Sniffer Dogs to Fight Against Covid-19 in Rwanda : Rwanda is among the different countries in Africa that have stepped up their game to fight against covid-19 in the country for the locals to get back their normal lives as they used to live them and for tourists to enjoy their stay in the country. Rwanda is among the African countries that visit a number of tourists annually because of a number of rewarding attractions and activities that they can carry out to during their Rwanda safari.

There are a number of activities that have attracted tourists to visit the country and these include the Kigali city tour, virunga mountains hike, golden monkey trekking in Rwanda, gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, boat cruise on lake Ihema, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park,   game drives in akagera national park among other activities. however with the increased numbers of covid-19 patients and numbers worldwide, it has led to the country under the ministry of health to come up with a number of standard operating procedures that locals should exercise to avoid the spread of the virus and also to ensure that the tourists are safe from contracting and spreading the virus while they visit the country.


As part of the covid-19 preventative measures to avoid the spread of the virus and to identify covid-19 cases, the government of Rwanda on 04 June 2021 launched a three months pilot to test for covid-19 using sniffer dogs which is among the different measures that will allow to identify a number of covid-19 cases from samples of passengers while they land at Kigali international airport.

Sniffer Dogs to Fight Against Covid-19 in Rwanda
Sniffer Dogs to Fight Against Covid-19 in Rwanda

The process will be very safe for the travellers that arrive at the airport because they will not have access to the sniffer dogs in other words, the dogs will be contained in separate areas away from the travellers and by this tourists will be provided with cotton patches that they will be provided with cotton Patches that the dogs will sniff to detect the virus. It should be noted that the trained dogs can sniff for the virus with the accuracy of that of a pcr covid-19 test in about one minute which will help to save time. The programme is between Rwanda and Germany which has supplied the detection dog training system and trained the dog handlers from the canine brigade of the Rwanda national police to ensure that  process is quite safe and effective.


  • While tourists land at Kigali international airport, whether you received a covid-19 vaccine or not, you should consider putting on a faces mask to avoid the spread of the virus and getting new variants that are also deadly this will ensure that you’ll have an amazing experience and also avoid the contraction of the virus. It should also be noted that the locals are also advised to put on their masks while they carry out their activities around the country.
  • For tourists to access the country, they should present a negative covid-19 PCR test that they should present on arrival and this should be taken 12 hours before travelling to the country and on reaching, the tourists will undergo isolation which is part of the incubation time for the virus to show signs and if the tourist is safe from the virus then they can carry out the different activities in the country.
  • Access to fully vaccinated travellers is allowed and on arrival, they will not self isolate or take other covid-19 tests because they are fully vaccinated and they can take part in a number of activities in Rwanda.
  • Travellers are advised to maintain a distance of 6 feet from one another to avoid spreading the virus or contracting new variants while visiting the different towns in the country and while taking part in a number of activities in Rwanda.
Sniffer Dogs to Fight Against Covid-19 in Rwanda
Sniffer Dogs to Fight Against Covid-19 in Rwanda
  • On reaching the Kigali international airport you will be welcomed by a robot that will check your temperature using a temperature gun and across the airport you will have the sanitizer dispensers that will help to avoid contamination of the tourists
  • There are a number of hand sanitizer dispensers at the different tourism de a hand sanitizer therefore regular disinfecting of surfaces that they come in contact with because the virus is believed to live on surfaces for a long time.
  • For tourists that have recovered from the virus, they should present their recovery documents on arrival to show that you are free from the virus this is because the covid test can be positive even after months of recovery.


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