Tourism and Corona Virus in Rwanda

Tourism and Corona Virus in Rwanda: Tourism in Rwanda is among the first booming activities that tourist on their Rwanda safaris can participate in for amazing experiences during their Rwanda safaris but with the emergence of a new coronavirus, covid-19 it has affected a number of tourists that are interested in carrying out tourism in Rwanda for instance participating in a number of activities like gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, hiking the virunga mountains among other rewarding activities in the country because of the different ways that the disease can be spread which is highly spread through air, close encounters with infected people, among other ways. With the fight against corona virus in Rwanda, tourism is one of the activities that tourists are looking forward to participate in the different tourism activities for memorable safaris.  For tourists to have safe activities in the country during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, there are number of measures that the government of Rwanda has put in place and the different measures that tourists should follow to have an amazing time in the country as they also control the contracting the disease.

Tourism and Corona Virus in Rwanda


  • Disinfecting surfaces to avoid the contracting of the disease, it should be noted that the virus can stay on surfaces for up to 12 hours therefore regular disinfecting of surfaces will ensure that you have a safe activity in the country.
  • Maintaining social distance will also ensure that the spread of the virus is minimised because it will ensure  that you have an amazing time as you 
  • Wearing a face mask will protect you from infected people which will ensure that you avoid the spread of the disease in cases where you get in contact with infected people.
  • Sanitizing and washing of hands at any given time will ensure that you kill the virus on exposed surfaces to avoid the spread of diseases.
  • Avoid touching your face and all facial openings which can lead to the spread of the disease. It should be noted that the 
  • Before travelling to Rwanda you should get necessary info about the current situation of the corona pandemic in Rwanda that can be seen through the Rwanda development board or the Rwanda website…
Tourism and Corona Virus in Rwanda
Tourism and Corona Virus in Rwanda


With the different measures that government has put in place for the Rwandans it has ensured that the spread of the virus to local communities is minimised which will attract a number of tourists within the country. It should be noted that Rwanda was the first country in Africa 

  • Sensitizing the public on the different measures that can be carried out to avoid the spread of the virus among the people which can be a threat to tourists.
  • Closing border points which has ensured the controlling of the virus.
  • Security checkpoints and the use of temperature guns which ensures detection of the virus among communities which will help to control the spread of the disease.
  • Corona  virus tests for suspected patients are taken and suspected patients are isolated to avoid the spread of the disease among communities which can be a threat to the tourists
  • Isolation of patients to avoid the spread of the virus in the community is being carried out to avoid
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