Are gorillas strong?

Are gorillas strong? This is one of the most asked questions about the gentle giants across the world and below you will get to find out whether they really are strong, what contributes to their strength, their strength vs other animals in the wild and how they are able to gain the strength among other interesting facts about their strength. One of the major reasons why gorillas are able to be strong species is their diet which comprises of over 18 kilograms of food that comprises of a number of edible leaves like celery, bamboo shoots, they can also be seen eating a number of invertebrates like centipedes, millipedes, caterpillars which has contributed to their body mass where they have less adipose tissue, lighter fore limbs and heavier hind limbs. The gorillas can travel up to 500 meters looking for food.

Gorillas are estimated to be about 10 times stronger than their body weight which is quite strong because they are quite big and tall species.  The gorillas are believed to be stronger than the humans that are about 20 adult humans combined. The average weight of a fully grown silver back is about 136-227kg for the males and 68-113kg for the females which is stronger than the weight of an average human which is about 60-77kg for the females and 75-89kg for the males.

Gorillas have been seeing lifting heavy tree trunk, destroying banana plants, trees that are quite tall and heavy and it is believed they can lift about 1810 kilograms stronger than a well-trained man who can lift about 401.5 kilograms and the gorillas are believed to lift up 27 times their full body weight. A number of captive gorillas have been escaping their cages with the help of the strong hands by bending iron bars with a bite force of around 1300 pounds per square inch is double that of a lion. You will also get to see how strong they are when you participate in gorilla habituation in Uganda which will give you authentic experiences of how the gorillas react to the different training sessions.

A gorilla punch is one of the strongest punches that can shutter a human’s skull with one slam and it is believe to be about 1300-2700 pounds that is why before tourists participate in gorilla trekking they first undergo a briefing session of the rules and regulations to follow to avoid any triggers that may lead a gorilla to charge at you. Gorilla bones are 3 times thicker than that of a human and heavier than human bones making their punches and lifting stronger.

Gorillas have  large and sharp canine teeth that they use to intimidate its opponents and incase the gorilla cant get out of a fight, he will use his teeth to bite its opponent and this can be fatal because in all the animals in the animal kingdom, the gorilla has one of the strongest bite force which can be fatal.

Are gorillas strong?
Are gorillas strong?

For tourists interested in participating in gorilla trekking in Africa, they will get to have amazing experiences spending time with the different gorilla species in Africa like the eastern lowland gorilla that can be seen when you participate in trekking in Kahuzi Biega National park, you will also get the chance to see the mountain gorillas in the wild by participating in  gorilla trekking in Virunga national park and gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park where you will hike the Virunga mountains like mount bisoke, mount gahinga mount sabyinyo, mount muhabura and mount karisimbi  to access the Rwanda gorilla families. You will also get to see the mountain gorilla by participating in gorilla trekking in Uganda by visiting Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable national park that will give you the chance to see and understand interesting facts about gorillas after obtaining the gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda, gorilla trekking permits in Uganda and gorilla trekking permits in Congo.

With covid-19 in the world you should not be worried about the safety of gorilla trekking in Africa during covid-19 because there are a number of covid-19 safety precautions that you should follow to have an amazing experience during your gorilla trekking experience in Africa as you participate in primate safaris in Rwanda 2021, Primate safaris in Uganda 2021 for an amazing experience during your African safaris.

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