Gorillas in Africa (Best places to see gorillas in Africa)

Gorillas in Africa are spread out to different parts of the continent and this is the only continent where one can spot the different gorilla species in the wild and in their natural habitat. The chance to meet these gorillas in the wild in Africa is a possibility and these encounters are once in a lifetime experience giving guests the ideal wildlife experience.

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The gorillas are one of the great apes along with the chimpanzees, bonobos and the orangutans. These are ground dwelling primates as their body weight may not allow them stay up in the forests. The genus gorilla is divided into two species and these are the eastern gorilla and the western gorilla which further sub divided into four subspecies which are the eastern lowland gorillas, the western lowland gorillas, the cross-river gorillas and mountain gorillas.

The mountain gorillas and the mountain gorilla trekking experience is much more common however even the lowland gorillas can be visited. The mountain gorillas are only found in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo and these destinations all offer the best mountain gorilla trekking experience. The numbers of these gorillas in the past were greatly threatened and low however with the current conservation efforts, the numbers of all the gorilla species have continued to flourish.

The eastern lowland gorillas can be visited in the Democratic republic of Congo and other western African countries as well as the western lowland gorillas that are a common sighting in the thick forested areas of western Africa and Central Africa. The ideal place to visit for the gorilla trekking experience in Africa totally depends on your budget and your interests for your safari as all these destinations differ in a way.


Rwanda is one of the best destinations for gorilla trekking and this is mountain gorilla trekking in particular. Rwanda is one of the three homes of the mountain gorillas and these are the only ones in the entire world. The mountain gorillas of Rwanda can be visited in the Volcanoes national park located in the north western part of the country. The Volcanoes national park is said to be home to about 600 mountain gorillas which is a great number compared to the total gorilla population of about 1,000 individuals.

Gorillas in Africa
Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

The Volcanoes national park offers the mountain gorilla trekking permit at 1,500 USD and there are about 12 habituated gorilla groups that guests can trek and these prefer to stay along the mountain slopes. The mountain gorillas in Rwanda were greatly studied and protected by the famous primatologist Dian Fossey. For the ideal luxury gorilla trekking experience, Rwanda’s volcanoes national park is the best.


Uganda is another of the homes of the mountain gorillas and the national parks that guests can visit for this experience are the two Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park and the Mgahinga gorilla national park. The mountain gorilla trekking permit in Uganda goes for 700 USD and there are 13 plus gorilla families with over 400 mountain gorillas in both parks.

The experience of trekking the mountain gorillas in Uganda is authentic and safe and if you are looking for an affordable experience and yet safe, a Uganda safari is ideal. The Bwindi impenetrable national park offers the mountain gorilla habituation at 1,500 USD where guests get to spend about 4 hours with the mountain gorillas.

Democratic republic of Congo

The Democratic republic of Congo offers the chance to trek both mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas. The mountain gorillas can be visited on a Congo safari in the Virunga national park while the lowland gorillas can be visited in the Kahuzi Biega national park. A permit in the DR Congo can be purchased at 400 USD and this country offers the most authentic experience as there is little to no disturbance in the areas near the park.

The downside of the visiting the gorillas of this country is the national parks are located in areas that have a history of insecurity but with the efforts of the stakeholders, security in the area is enforced at its best.

Gorillas in Africa
Gorilla Trekking in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Congo Brazzaville

The Congo Brazzaville is the neighboring country to the above mentioned DR Congo a bit volatile, quieter and peaceful as compared. The Congo Brazzaville offers tours to visit the western lowland gorillas. The western lowland gorillas can be spotted in the Odzala-Kokoua national park located in the north western part of the country. There are two habituated gorilla groups living in this wild tropical rain forest.

It is not the cheapest destination as the logistics involved are exclusive and can only afford visits of about 4 people per time. These western lowland gorillas can also be visited on the Nouabale-Ndoki National Park. This experience should be great option for the travelers that are intrepid.

Central African Republic

For a raw and wild experience, the Central African Republic is the ideal destination and guests can visit the western lowland gorillas. This experience is for the courageous guests as this is a tough country. The CAR has the biggest number of the western lowland gorillas and you can visit these in the Dzanga-Sangha special reserve. Dzanga bai is the best place to visit to spot the western lowland gorillas of CAR and you can spend a night at the Sangha Lodge which a community run property.

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