How to Plan for a Gorilla Trekking Safari in Rwanda  : Before you plan for your gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda there are a number of factors you should put into consideration like the climate of the country, travel documents required, the vaccination requirements, equipment to use during gorilla trekking and what to expect on your gorilla trekking experience in Uganda among other important aspects that will help you have an amazing time during your Uganda safari. In this article we will guide you on how to plan for gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Once you’ve planned for your gorilla trekking safari in volcanoes national park, you will get the opportunity to hike the Virunga mountains in Rwanda that is mount Gahinga, mount Muhabura, mount Sabyinyo, mount Karisimbi and mount Bisoke that will give you access to the habituated gorilla families in Rwanda and here are some of the different … that you will find helpful to make your stay in the country quite memorable.

During gorilla trekking

  • A camera but you should remember that you only spend one hour with the gorillas therefore you should take pictures of the gorillas for the shortest time so that you do not miss out on having an adventure of watching the gorillas in the park taking part in a number of activities in the park
  • A porter can be hired if you expect to carry a load of equipment on your way to the gorilla families in Rwanda because the hike o the families can be challenging because the gorillas are found in high elevations in the park.
  • You should carry your insect repellent because the park is home to a number of insects that can make your gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda quite uncomfortable.
  • You should also carry binoculars because during the activity you will get to see numerous bird species that will make your gorilla trekking experience quite memorable.
How to Plan for a Gorilla Trekking Safari in Rwanda
Travel Guide for Volcanoes National Park

Best time to visit

The climate in Rwanda comprises of both the rains that ca be seen from march to May, little rains from October to mid-December and the dry months of December to February. It should be noted that gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be carried out all year throughout however it should be noted that during the wet season, fruit is readily available which limits the movement of the gorillas however the rains make the slopes quite slippery and challenging to hike on the other hand during the dry season,  there is food scarcity which aids in the movement of the gorillas hence making it quite challenging  therefore  you can book your safari in the time that best suites you and your travel plans cause regardless of the time of the year you are guaranteed  to watch the habituated gorilla families in Rwanda.

Travel documents

  • Yellow fever card is one of the mandatory health requirements that are required for tourists that make their way to Rwanda in order to participate in gorilla trekking however it should also be noted that also travelers that are leaving the country / Rwanda citizens they are also required to present their yellow fever cards as proof of having been vaccinated against the virus.
  • With the covid-19 global pandemic, tourists are also required to have their covid-19 vaccination certificate as proof that they are vaccinated this will help to avoid having to test for covid-19 upon arrival. Other health documents that are needed include a hepatitis A and B vaccination certificate
  • You are required to have a Rwanda visa which grants you permission to stay in Rwanda for a specified period of time and this can o be accessed upon arrival and this tourist visa is valid for thirty days however if you interested in spending much more time in the country you are free to renew the visa at a cost.

Even if the main aim for you visit Uganda is to watch the gorillas in the wild but there are other rewarding attractions that can be seen when you participate in a number of activities like golden monkey trekking in Rwanda which will give you the chance to understand more about the Albertine endemic primates, you can also participate in the game drives in Akagera national park where you will get to track the big five animals in Rwanda, you can participate in the primate safaris in Rwanda where you can take part in activities  chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park which will give you the chance to spend time with the habituated chimpanzee troops observing their behavior in the wild.

How to Plan for a Gorilla Trekking Safari in Rwanda
Primate Safaris in Nyungwe National Park

Participate in the cultural tours in Rwanda to understand more about the interesting and unique cultures of the people in the country, you can also have the most rewarding experiences in Rwanda, you can take part in the Rwanda genocide tour which will give you the opportunity to understand more about dark period in the country by visiting the different genocide memorial museums in the country like the Kigali genocide memorial museum among other activities that can make you Rwanda safari quite memorable.

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