Adventure tours in Rwanda

Adventure tours in Rwanda: Rwanda can be a one stop destination for travellers who are looking for a responsible tourism visiting the primates of Rwanda, bird watching, tea or coffee factory visits and also be an interest point for those who are looking for a more adventurous safari. Rwanda is a well-organized tour destination with a number of adrenaline filling activities like cycling on the several trails in the country, Kayaking on the waters of Rwanda, hiking a few of the volcanic mountains, take on the canopy walkway, visit the historical caves of the country, engage in more thrilling activities like paramotoring, helicopter tours and transfers.

Adventure tours in Rwanda

Every activity you engage in on a Rwanda safari will definitely have an adventurous aspect about it especially if it is your first time taking it on. Right from the fact that you are travelling to a foreign country with an aim of exploring its treasures up to the moment you are ready to head back to your home or next destination. 

Cycling in Rwanda is a much loved activity and sport that energetic travellers can engage in. Get to explore Rwanda on bike and reach off-the-beaten-tracks in an authentic style. The trails along with good road networks have facilitated the activity. Get to enjoy the breeze while riding and appreciate the natural beauty of the region. 

The greatest trail of the cycling trips in Rwanda is most definitely the Congo Nile trail that is a 227 kilometer trail. This trail starts all the way from Rubavu to Rusizi which makes it a parallel trail to the shores of Lake Kivu. This trail will take the cyclers about five days to complete however if you are interested in this trail but do not have as much time, you can do single stages along the trail according to the time and interest you have. 

There are other trails you can take on in Kigali and Musanze with a biking operator. Biking safaris in Rwanda can last as long as 10 days around the country. Rwanda has a national cycling team that can be found at the Africa Rising Cycling Center which if interested you can ride with them for about an hour or longer according to your interest. There are half day road biking packages that you will take on with a carbon fibre bike. There are other packages offered at this center like the Pro Mountain-Bike Race Training package that takes cyclers on the 2015 African Continental Championship MTB course and guests are equipped with training tips and briefing on expectations. A number of cycling tournaments are held in Rwanda that you can be a part of on your visit to Rwanda. 

Kayaking in Rwanda is majorly done on the Lake Kivu on kayak boats that can be hired from the hotels at the shore line of the Lake like the Cormoran lodge, the Moriah hills hotel in Karongi or the Serena hotel in Rubavu. This activity lets you feel the waves take you on the waters as you enjoy the breathtaking views of the Virunga mountains from a distance as a backdrop. 

Adventure tours in Rwanda
Kayaking on lake kivu

This is a great activity for birders as there are a number of birds to spot on your kayaking experience on Lake Kivu.

Spend some quality time on the waters of Lake Kivu and catch the sunset at the shores as you watch the fishermen set out to the lake for the night fishing experience which if you are interested in can join them. Lake Kivu is a clean and clear lake with a long and irregular beach but is safe for humans as there are no crocodiles or hippos in these waters thus Adventure tours in Rwanda.

You can also engage in paddle boarding while at the Lake Kivu or canoeing on the Mukungwa River which all won’t need you to have experience though experienced surfers are at a greater advantage of enjoying the activity. The Mukungwa River is great birding destination. Be sure to pack an extra change of clothes as you may surely get wet while on these activities and a sunscreen and glasses for the sun.

Hiking is inevitable when on a safari in Rwanda majorly because of the terrain that is hilly. Right from the mountain gorilla trekking to the visiting of the caves, you will need to pack good hiking boots for your safari. The experience on foot is one the adventurous traveller looks forward to and would not forget. The most hiking is done in the North western part that is Volcanoes national park down to the Lake Kivu up to the Nyungwe forest national park in the south. Take on a hiking trip up one of the Virunga mountains in Rwanda like Mount Bisoke, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Sabinyo or Mount Muhavura. There are also some short hikes to Lake Ngezi found at the foothill of Mount Bisoke. 

Take on one of the different hiking trails of Nyungwe forest national park like the Ishigishigi trail, the Karamba Trail, Umugote trail, Uwinka trail to mention but a few to enjoy the birding experience along these trails and the primate treks with nature walks.

Paramotor, Helicopter Tours and Transfers are more adrenaline filling activities as they include aviation. Paramotor is a new activity where individuals will fly over the Huye district and over the lake side towns of Rubavu and Karongi all the way to the Nyungwe forest. This will give guests an aerial view of that part of the country. While Akagera avaiation offers safaris from Kigali on the helicopters considered as a flying scenic tour. These tours are scheduled to last from 30 minutes to about 2 and a half hours. 

Look no further than Rwanda for your adventure tour. 

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