Akagera national park hotels and lodging : Where to stay in the Akagera national park. The Akagera national park is a wildlife park of Rwanda located on the north eastern part of the country. The Akagera national park welcomes a great number of guests on a daily basis to take part of the activities here. The Akagera national park offers a number of activities such as savannah game drives, fishing, boat trips, walk the line experience, behind the scenes tour, community cultural experiences as well and one may need to spend a night or more in the park.

Where one chooses to stay or spend their nights on a safari definitely influences the scale on which the safari was satisfactory. Guests booked for a Rwanda safari with us going to the Akagera national park have a number of accommodations to spend their night. The accommodations are classified according to ranges and these ranges are influenced by the price of the rooms. There ranges are the budget accommodations, midrange accommodations, luxury and super luxury accommodation options.

To choose an accommodation where to spend your nights in this wildlife park, it will almost entirely depend on your budget and your interests. The Akagera national park offers both hotel and camping options and these are discussed below.

Super luxury option;

Magashi Tented Camp

The Magashi Tented camp is the super luxury lodging option of the Akagera national park and this status is backed by a number of factors. The Magashi tented camp is a prime property sitted on 6,000 hectares of exclusive land in this park. The Magashi Tented camp has only 6 super luxury tents located at the shore of one of the lakes in the Akagera; Lake Rwanyakazinga thus Akagera national park hotels and lodging.

Akagera national park hotels and lodging
Magashi Tented Camp

The staff at the Magashi camp are warm and are on top of their game always super excited to host guests and share this property experience with guests. The tented camp has luxury rooms with personal butlers for every guest. The hotel rooms at this camp go for about 750 USD per person and this is a fully inclusive rate with all meals with drinks, complimentary mini bar with drinks, complimentary laundry service, fully guided safari with professional guides and trackers.

The rates change seasonally so once you let us know which month you are interested in, we can make that work and get an even greater rate.

Luxury option;

Ruzizi Tented Camp

The Rusizi Tented camp is one of the great options for the guests looking for a luxury night and yet affordable. The Ruzizi Tented Camp was opened for operation in 2013 and has been in operation since then.

A night at the Ruzizi tented camp can go for as low as 230 USD per person on a full board basis and you will get the luxury treat in Akagera national park.

The Ruzizi Tented camp has 20 bed capacity and these are in tented eco rooms which are all connected by a board walk. This camp was the first to have this kind of setting in Rwanda for Rwanda Tours. It is strategically located on the shores of the Lake Ihema where gets do their boat trip in Akagera national park from. The hotel main area has an African style décor blended with contemporary art thus Akagera national park hotels and lodging.

Akagera national park hotels and lodging
Ruzizi Tented camp

The peace and quiet of the lodge are a major highlight as you get to enjoy the nature sounds at all points of the lodge. There are currently only 9 tents and each of these is fully furnished with an indoor private bathroom and full time power supply. The lodge is located in the area that can be accessed by some wildlife so be careful to move without security. Also do not forget your mosquito repellant or pills on your stay here.

Midrange accommodation;

Akagera Game Lodge

The Akagera Game lodge for a long time hosted guests as the only accommodation in this park and by the time was a basic lodging however works have been made on it after it was taken up by the Mantis Collection. The Akagera game lodge hosts guests who are looking to have a value for their money and enjoy the African experience with less pomp but class.

Akagera national park hotels and lodging
Akagera Game Lodge

During your stay at the Akagera Game lodge, you get to enjoy the views of the Lake Ihema in a beautiful fully furnished rooms with a restaurant, tennis court and a swimming pool for guests. A room at the Akagera game lodge goes for about 200 USD with all meals inclusive that is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Guests can enjoy Wi-Fi connection, full time power supply with access to television to keep up to date with the daily news for those interested. You will need to carry cash for payments as they do not accept debit or credit cards. Cash payments can be made in Rwanda Francs, US dollars, Euros or British pounds thus Akagera national park hotels and lodging.

Budget accommodation;


The Akagera national park is a prime destination and if one is interested in spending a night that is less than 200 USD, there is an option for camping or staying outside the park which eventually may get more costly. The camping options of the Akagera national park can be enjoyed with friends and it would be more adventurous than the basic lodging even if the comfort is less as compared.

The Camping options of the Akagera park are the Shukani campsite, Mutumba Campsite, which is the most common. A camp site space costs 20 USD but this is without equipment so be sure to carry your own. The camp sites have BBQ and firewood as well as a pit latrine and a small shelter incase need arises.

Outside lodging

Some of the hotels that guests can book are the LeMigo Hotel, Discover Rwanda youth hostel, Seeds of Hope Guest house, to mention but a few. Reach out and let us know your budget and get the ideal place to stay in the Akagera national park on your Rwanda safari.

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