Attractions in western Uganda : Western Uganda is one of the most visited parts of the country and it has variety of destinations, unique cultures, diverse scenery and different activities for tourists to engage in during their safaris.

Different attractions are found in the south west and western parts of the country and they include the following;

  1. Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park is among the popular safari destinations found in the western part of Uganda and it is the second largest safari park in the country.

There are savannah plains, woodland, forests, wetlands that make up the diverse ecosystem of Queen Elizabeth national park which is home to a variety of wildlife species and also different bird species which can be seen during safari.

Some of the wildlife species which are found in Queen Elizabeth national park include lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, Uganda kobs, hippos, topi, waterbucks, impalas, bushbucks, mongoose, chimpanzees, baboons, monkeys, hyenas, warthogs among others. tree climbing lions can also be seen in the Ishasha sector of the national park.

Activities which are done during wildlife safaris around Queen Elizabeth national park include morning and afternoon game drives, boat safaris on Kazinga channel,  chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, hiking, nature walks, lion tracking, mongoose tracking, community tours among others.

Safaris in Queen Elizabeth national park involves visiting attractions like the Kazinga channel for amazing bird watching, wildlife viewing and boat ride, primate encounters in the Kyambura gorge where chimpanzees can be seen in their natural habitat, the Mweya peninsula, Kalinzu forest, Katwe salt mines, crater lakes among others.

  1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi national park located in the south western part of Uganda is known for the gorillas trekking adventures.

During tours around Bwindi national park, tourists visit the different sectors which include Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo sector where the mountain gorillas can be encountered in their natural habitat.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi national park allows tourists to spend time with the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat and observe their behavior closely. This activity is done by individuals above the age of 15 years.

Other attractions found in Bwindi national park include over 350 bird species, the Batwa people. Activities done around the destination during safaris in Uganda include gorilla habituation experiences in Rushaga, guided nature walks, hiking and community tours.

  1. Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori mountains national park is another attraction to visit during tours around the western part of Uganda.

The Rwenzori mountains are also referred to as the mountains of the moon and are a destination popular for hiking and mountain climbing in Uganda. Different hiking trails are used to get to the highest peak on the mountain which is the Margherita peak and 5109 meters.

The hiking trails used at the destination include the central circuit trail which is the popular route, the Kilembe trail and the Bukurungu trail. Tourists visiting the destination can engage in day hikes or spend more days on the mountain.

The hikes around Rwenzori mountains lead tourists through different zones including montane forests, alpine meadows, glacial valleys and they also enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding area around the mountain such as waterfalls and lakes.

  1. Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the deepest lakes in Uganda and it is located in the south western part of the country.

The lake is famous for boat rides while enjoying scenic views of the terraced hills and visiting the different islands on the lake. Lake Bunyonyi has about 29 islands which can be accessed by canoe rides operated by the locals.

Apart from the boat rides on Lake Bunyonyi, tourists can also enjoy visiting the local villages, bird watching, kayaking and relaxing by the water shores. It is also safe to swim in Lake Bunyonyi.

  1. Fort Portal and the Crater Lakes Region

Fort portal is among the beautiful towns to visit in western Uganda and it is surrounded by different attractions to visit.

Some of the attractions around Fort portal town include the Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves, crater lakes, Tooro palace, tea plantations among others. The town is very scenic and has many viewpoints such as the top of the world where tourists can enjoy views of the crater lakes and the Rwenzori mountain ranges in a distance.

  1. Kibale National Park

Kibale forest national park is another popular attraction found in the western part of Uganda and is famous for primate tours in the country.

The national park is home to over 13 species of primates including chimpanzees which are a popular attraction in Kibale national park. Other primates found at the destination include black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, L’hoest monkeys, red tailed monkeys among others.

Attractions in western Uganda
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale National Park

Chimpanzee trekking and chimpanzee habituation are among the activities which tourists engage in when visiting Kibale national park. Tourists can also engage in guided nature walks and bird watching experiences around the destination.

  1. Bigodi wetland sanctuary

Another attraction found in the western part of Uganda is the Bigodi wetland sanctuary which is one of the best birding spots.

Tourists visiting the Bigodi wetlands can enjoy nature walks and bird watching experiences and also interact with the local community as they explore the nature in the surrounding.

  1. Semuliki national park

Semuliki national park is another attraction which tourists can visit around the western part of Uganda. The national park is home to wildlife species and is popular for the Sempaya hot springs.

During tours around Semuliki national park, tourists can enjoy seeing primates like colobus monkeys, de brazza monkey, red tailed monkeys and a variety of bird species as they engage in activities like nature walks, bird watching and community tours.

  1. Lake Mburo national park

Lake Mburo national park is another attraction to visit in western Uganda and it is home to a variety of wildlife species including zebras, buffalos, giraffes, warthogs, hippos among others.

When visiting Lake Mburo national park, tourists can enjoy nature walks, bird watching, morning game drives and afternoon and night game drives, horse riding, cycling among other activities.

  1. Equator

Tourists visiting the western part of Uganda can also stop by the equator at Kayabwe and enjoy water experiments, visiting the local craft shops among other activities.

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