Camping Experience in Akagera National park : I recently had the opportunity to experience camping in Akagera National Park. I was extremely impressed with the park and its surrounding areas. The scenery is absolutely stunning and the park provides excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing. It exceeded all of my expectations and I will be returning to visit again in the near future!

The accommodation was excellent, with both campsites having electricity and running water for showers and washing dishes. We stayed in Habineza camp which was close to the Visitor Centre and provided easy access to all the facilities and activities within the park. The view from our campsite was amazing and we were fortunate enough to see some of the wild animals roaming around the park including hippos, crocodiles and wild elephants! The food at the campsite was delicious and there was always plenty of options available. They were very accommodating when it came to dietary requirements. We had the best night’s sleep while at Habineza camp!

Camping Experience in Akagera National park
Camping Experience in Akagera National park

The park provided a wide variety of different activities and we were able to enjoy them all! We were provided with guided game drives which offered us the opportunity to see lots of different types of wildlife including zebras, giraffes, lions, rhinos and hyenas. We also went on an elephant safari where we rode on the back of elephants through the forest and followed their trail as they walked through the bush in search of food. We really enjoyed this experience and it was one of the highlights of our trip! Another activity that we really enjoyed was our nature walk where we saw several different kinds of birds including ostriches, storks and hornbills. We were able to see them up close and get some great pictures! We also went on a boat ride along the lake and saw many different bird species as well as hippos and crocodiles. Overall we had a wonderful trip to Akagera National Park and we would recommend it to others who are interested in visiting Rwanda!

Akagera National Park is the largest national park in Rwanda and was established in 1934 to conserve biodiversity and promote environmental education. This excellent reserve covers an area of approximately 1600km2 and is home to a large number of animal species including elephants, leopards, hyenas, buffaloes and chimpanzees. It also provides a home to over 500 species of birds which makes it a birdwatcher’s paradise! It has a wide range of beautiful habitats such as savannah, wetlands, lakes and forests which provide a home to a wealth of wildlife and wonderful natural scenery!


There is a waterhole close to the campsite which is inhabited by a variety of animals including elephants, baboons and waterbucks. We went there several times during our stay and were lucky enough to see some of these amazing creatures! There are also several other interesting activities that you can do during your stay including game drives, boat cruises, nature walks and visits to local villages. All activities are organized by your tour guide and can be a great way to learn more about the culture and traditions of the area. We loved going on game drives and were able to see lots of animals including elephants, zebras, wildebeests and antelopes. We also had a great time on our boat trip and saw lots of different bird species including pelicans, herons, kingfishers and ospreys. We saw a crocodile and a large hippo which we got very close to – it was a great sight to see!

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