Camping in Akagera National Park : Are you a traveller interested in visiting Rwanda on a budget or are you a traveller interested in camping in the wild? In this article we shall make it easy for you to understand the different camping sites in Akagera national park that you can visit for a rewarding experience in the wild. The park is famous for housing the big five animals in Rwanda, River Akagera and Lake Ihema the second largest water source in Rwanda. For travellers that make their way to the park, there are four campsites that offer basic facilities for overnight stays namely;

Magashi camp

Magashi Camp is situated in the north-eastern part of Akagera national park w over-looking Lake Rwanyakazinga another tourist attraction in the park that will give you scenic views of a number of water birds and a number of animal species taking dips and quenching their thirst from the shores, you will also get to watch a number of water birds in the park that will make your safari experience quite rewarding. While camping at Magashi, you will get to watch the highest number of leopards therefore book your accommodation at the campsite with six spacious and airy tents with a luxurious lounge, a swimming pool where you will get to relax during a hot day a dining area where you can order for both local and international cuisines with the interior complimenting and paying homage to the Rwandan culture.

Shakani camp

Camping in Akagera National Park
Shakani camp

Located at the shores of Lake Shakani in the southern direction of Akagera National park. The park will offer the most rewarding safari experience with affordable prices and a number of rewarding views while camping in Akagera National Park. Travellers can hike their tents from the reception at a cheaper cost compared to other campsites in the park or you can bring your own tent to help you cut the costs during your stay in the park. While camping at the camp site, you can also participate in sport fishing at the lake Shakani which are the safest waters in the park without crocodiles where you will participate in the activity to make your safari experience quite rewarding. On lake Ihema while participating in the fishing safaris, you will have the chance to watch a number of rewarding attractions in the park like the water birds like the king fishers catching their prey from the water, you will get to watch the endangered shoe bill stork to make your safari experience memorable.

Muyumbu camp

During camping in Akagera National Park, all the different campsites in the park will offer a beautiful and unique experience to ensure that you have an amazing stay in the park on a budget. Muyumbu camping site will give you an amazing safari experience in the park too with the exceptional views of both Lake Shakani and Lake Ihema that you will have an amazing opportunity. You will have a lake shore experience where you will watch a number of elephants quenching their thirst from the water source.

Interesting about the campsite is the fact that you can carry your own tent or get the opportunity to hire for an amazing safari experience and interesting about the fact that it among the safest camping sites that is fenced to avoid wild animal attacks which is another reason you should visit the park, the site has clean and well-functioning flushing toilets, solar heated showers and a picnic area for traveller for a memorable Rwanda safari experience. You will also get to access an old research station that is now a coffee shop and get to taste one of the world’s richest coffee in the world to make your experience quite memorable.

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