Conservation Of Mountain Gorillas : How to save mountain gorillas; Mountain gorillas are the giants also the endangered species of the apes that can be sighted and trekked in the Virunga ranges that is found between the Rwanda in Volcanoes national park, then Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the western part of the country and also in Democratic Republic of Congo in Virunga national park and Kahuzi Biega national park.

During the past years of the 19th century the mountain gorillas were slowly becoming extinct in that in the entire world they had started reducing to less numbers. And the report says that in the entire world there were roughly 400 mountain gorillas that were remaining in the world. This led into the different countries were the gorillas are found to adopt the conservation measures that were implemented in order and today the gorillas that represent in the world are much more. This article brings you the ways to how to save the mountain gorillas.

Trekking of the mountain gorillas.  

Trekking the mountain gorillas is one of the main point of saving the mountain gorillas. This is where you are charged to pay and buy the permit for trekking the mountain gorilla and the money that you pay is used in the protection of the mountain gorillas through investing in the projects that sensitize the people about the awareness of protecting the gorillas.

Support the locals.

Exploring the destinations where the gorilla trekking safaris takes place you can find the locals selling the locally handmade crafts and many other interesting things and for that matter therefore if you buy those products the locals will benefit more from the tourists that come to trek the gorillas which treasure the mountain gorillas and protect them.


Donation is given through the various conservation organizations that offer the money and mainly these organizations do work in hand to help in the conservation efforts of the gorillas. On the gorilla trekking safari between the destinations of Uganda gorilla trekking and Rwanda gorilla trekking then between the two, Rwanda has got the better conservation efforts that’s why tourists prefer it for the gorilla trekking safari.

Avoid trekking gorillas when you are not in proper conditions.

Conservation Of Mountain Gorillas
Conservation Of Mountain Gorillas

When you are going to carry out mountain gorilla trekking, you are reminded that you should not trek the mountain gorillas when you’re sick because the gorillas are known as the vulnerable to the human diseases which can easily lead into the death when they get infected.

Creating awareness.

Creating awareness through the people in the different countries is the best way and importance, of protection of the mountain gorillas because this keeps people to know about the mountain gorillas. Though you have not yet trekked them still it’s the best way and important in the conservation of the mountain gorillas.

Participating in other activities.

Tourists are reminded not only taking part in and visit the gorilla trekking parks and this is where they only carry out gorilla trekking safaris. In those parks they have got other tourist activities that can be done including the mountain climbing, golden monkey trekking, cultural tours. All the money that is got from these safari activities help in the gorilla trekking safaris.

Following the rules and regulations.

On a safari for gorilla trekking, if you clearly follow the rules and regulations of the gorilla trekking like keeping 7 meters away from the mountain gorillas due to their vulnerable to human diseases. Keeping the distance during the gorilla trekking safari keeps you safe from contracting the diseases from the gorillas and also keeps the gorillas safe from getting the diseases from the human beings that contributes the high chances of mountain gorillas to be saved.

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