Entebbe International Airport to Re-Open on 1st October

Entebbe International Airport to Re-Open on 1st October: Tourism in Uganda is one of the fastest-growing sectors that has brought in a lot of revenue with a number of tourists that visit the country to participate in gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park, visiting a number of national parks in Uganda where you can take part in tracking the big five animals, game drives, boat cruise, rhino tracking among other memorable activities that can be carried out as you visit Uganda.

Entebbe International Airport to Re-Open on 1st October

However, tourism in Uganda has been on a standstill since Uganda declared her first corona virus case after a tourist came into the country with the virus in late March 2020.  With a number of deaths in the neighbouring countries and the world at large, the country went under lockdown which led to the closure of border points and the country’ international airport Entebbe international airport to avoid  the spreading of the virus within the local communities. The lockdown has ensured a number of health official to devise means on how to control the spread the disease, how the local communities can live with it, the different control measure that can be carried out to ensure that the virus is controlled, it also enabled the government to sensitise the masses on how to control the virus through a number of campaign which has increased awareness on how to cop with the virus.

With all different measures that have been put in place, it has led to the opening of border points and the Entebbe international airport for any tourists visiting and going out of the country which will enable tourists interested in taking part in the different tourism activities in Uganda and with the different standard operating procedure that are exercised it will ensure that tourists that are safe and will have a safe activity.

With the opening of Entebbe international airport, a number of airlines that will ensure that tourists are brought in and taken outside the country for a memorable Uganda safari and some of the airlines include; Turkish Airlines, kenya airways, air Tanzania, Ethiopian airlines, Brussels airlines, tarco aviation, fly Dubai, KLM emirates among other airlines.

Standard operating procedures at the airport and Border points 

  • They should be negative 72 hour prior arrival at the international airports this will ensure that  you avoid spreading the virus t tourist during your encounter with the service providers that can also transmit to other travellers that come into the country and hence a wide spread of the virus. And for tourists returning to Uganda, follow up addresses will be taken by the ministry of health.
  • Tourist should not mix with local communities to avoid spreading the virus therefore cultural encounters are prohibited during their safari
  • At the Entebbe international airport, you should There are flight spacing which will ensure that disinfection of the plane seats and the surfaces to avoid the spread of the virus this has ensured the minimising the spread of the virus. The Uganda civil aviation authority has also cleared 13 passenger flights for the first day of operation and 10 flights for the second day to avoid congestion.
  • At border point temperature guns are used to check the temperature of every tourist that are accessing the country.
Entebbe International Airport to Re-Open on 1st October
Entebbe International Airport to Re-Open on 1st October


  • During your safari, you should practice regular disinfecting of surfaces to avoid contamination of surfaces that can easily spread the virus among tourists. This is done to kill the virus since it is believed that the virus tends to live on surfaces for an average of 12 hours which puts people at risk of contracting the virus which can interfere with their memorable Uganda safari.
  • Sanitizing and washing of hands at any given time during exposure to surfaces that are not disinfected it will ensure that you kill. Alcohol-based sanitizers help in killing and regular washing  of hands with soap and running water
  • Avoid touching sensitive areas of your body like  facial openings that is the nose, eyes and mouths and if you are to do so you should ensure that your hands are washed clean with soap and running water to avoid contracting the virus 
  • You should always wear the right face mask that will ensure that you are protected from inhaling droplets from infected people since it can also be transmitted through the air. It will protect you from disease and hence a memorable safari.
  • Social distance should also be maintained to avoid the spread of the virus
  • You should also consider using cashless payments to avoid the spread of the virus.
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