Honey Moon Trips in Rwanda : Are you interested in escaping the city noise, the sound of cars hoots, fumes released in the air, barely moving traffic? then Rwanda is the perfect place to visit for a wild escape. The country is famous for its 1000 hills which are among the most rewarding eye catching attractions in the country but as you make your way to the country you will get to explore a number of other rewarding attractions that can be visited to make your honey moon trips in Rwanda safari.

17 Days Uganda, Rwanda & Kahuzi Biega Safari

During your honey moon trips in Rwanda, participate in primate safari and enjoy the behaviour if the different primate species in the wild as you watch their behaviour in the wild. Among the notable activities you can take part in include; gorilla trekking in Rwanda which is carried out along the slopes of the Virunga mountains in Rwanda in volcanoes national park, for chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, you will observe the behaviour of the playful primates in Nyungwe national park where you will also have a rewarding experience participating in the canopy walk in Rwanda where you will have the opportunity to watch memorable aerial views of the park while you walk along the bridge which is an adrenaline rushing activity.

Visit Akagera national park and participate in tracking the big five animals in Rwanda as you also watch a number of herbivores like the elands, gazelles, oribi and many other rewarding attractions that can also be seen when you take part in the game drives in Akagera national park. As you make your way to the park, you can take part in the boat cruise on Lake Ihema that will give you exceptional views of the park and a number of wildlife species, still in the park you can take part in in the Isumo waterfalls hike that will give you relaxing adventures in the park.

Honey Moon Trips in Rwanda
Akagera National Park Rhinos

For hikers visit mount Kigali and take part in the mount Kigali hike which will give you the opportunity to watch a number of rewarding attractions in the country, as you make your way to the top of the mountain you can access the Fazenda Sengha horseback riding school that will give you the chance to experience the cool breeze as you also enjoy rewarding views of Kigali city. Visit lake kivu and make your way to a number of beaches where you can enjoy picnic, candle lit dinners for two at night to make your honey moon trips in Rwanda quite rewarding.

Other destinations that can be visited include the Kimironko market the largest and oldest market in the country where you can buy souvenirs for your trip, you can feast on organic fruits as you also observe the behaviour of the people in Rwanda, you can also visit the genocide memorial museum although they are a bit heart-breaking at the end of your Rwanda genocide tour is the fact you will get to see how the people in the country have moved past the hard times watching how the Rwandans are living in harmony with one another to make the activity quite rewarding.

Accommodation options

Accommodation should not be among your worries while visiting the country for your honey moon trips this is because of the fact that there are different accommodation options that you can choose that best suit your budget without having below we bring to you the best of the different accommodation from the different accommodation facilities that you can choose from for an amazing Rwanda safari.


For a budget accommodation facility, Gisakura guest house is quite different when it comes to the different options in the country the guest house has warm water, comfortable bed, strong WI-FI connectivity, clean linen in all the rooms, 24/7 room service to make your safari in the country quite memorable and if you’re interested in visiting Nyungwe forest national park you can talk to the guest house staff who can help organise for you transportation to the park at a cheap price because of how helpful they are.


Nyungwe hill top is among the different mid-range options you can visit while you participate in your hone moon trips in Rwanda. Nyungwe hill top is located in the lush green forest that is the perfect for travellers that are interested in relatively undisturbed areas then the hotel is the perfect honey moon spot in Rwanda for you. At the hotel, you will get access clean running water, 24/7 room service, fire place in the rooms and after dinner you can visit the camp fire and enjoy the traditional dances from the locals to make your safari quite memorable.

 The hotel will give you remarkable views of lake kivu and Nyungwe forest the primate hub in Rwanda where you can take part in chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda. interesting about the hotel is the fact that it will give you the opportunity to visit Nyungwe national park at the shortest time where you will take part in the primate safaris in Rwanda like chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, monkey trekking where you will have the chance to watch the black and white colobus monkey, the Hamlyn monkey, Mona monkey among other monkey species. There are a number of other rewarding hotels that can be visited in

Honey Moon Trips in Rwanda
Nyungwe National Park Chimps


One and only gorilla nest should be on top of your different luxury options you choose from while you visit Rwanda. The hotel is located in Ruhengeri district on the foot hills of the Virunga mountains giving you spectacular views of the Virunga mountains in volcanoes national park. The park is famous for having top notch services with a well-stocked restaurant that will offer the most diverse cuisines from all over the world, the beautiful scenery that will catch your eyes with the most comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi and hot water and 24/7 room service which is the reason why the first daughter, daughter of Paul Kagame  had her honey moon with the husband which is another reason you should visit it because it is beautiful enough for the daughter of the president to choose it as its honey moon spot. While staying at the hotel you can choose to visit volcanoes national park, participate in Dian Fossey hike to understand more about her work and her contribution to the mountain gorillas in Africa and gorilla trekking in Africa at large

There are many different honey moon spots in Rwanda that you can choose from and depending on your budget there are different spots that will give you the most rewarding experience with your Rwanda safari and with your tastes and preferences contact us to customise you honey moo trips in Rwanda to your liking.

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