Top Activities in Kigali City 2022 : Kigali city being the capital city of Rwanda, and one of the cleanest city in Africa and the fact that it is the arrival point for tourists interested in gorilla trekking in Rwanda, golden monkey trekking has made the city quite popular which has attracted a number of tourists from around the world to visit the country and visit Kigali city. Once you make your way to Kigali city you will not be disappointed because the city is even much more beautiful than in the pictures that are showcased and as you make your way through the city you will get struck by a number of beautiful attractions that can be seen along the way from the beautiful smiles worn on the faces of the people of Rwanda, the bright colors, the rolling hills in Rwanda and many other eye catching attractions. With all the attractions that can be seen from left to right here are some of the top activities in Kigali city 2022 that should not be missed out on for an amazing Rwanda safari.

Visit the Kigali genocide memorial museum

Among the most famous sites that you can see during your Kigali city tour is the Kigali genocide memorial museum which was constructed to commemorate the 1994 Rwanda genocide. The Kigali genocide memorial museum is a great start for tourists interested in the Rwanda genocide tour because it will give you an insight of the events that led to the unfortunate time during the period of terror. With video and pictorial evidence, you will get to see how the victims were killed, you will get to watch the confessions of the murderers and how the country has evolved over the years to be among the most peaceful countries in the world that can be visited today for the most rewarding safaris like the primate safaris that will give you the chance to participate on golden monkey trekking in Rwanda,  gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, in the county today you can also track the big five animals in Rwanda especially the lions that had been wiped out in the country during the aftermath of the genocide but with the peace and the conservation duties they were re-introduced in the country making Rwanda, Akagera national park one of the places to visit in the world.

Kigali City Tour
Kigali Memorial Genocide Center

Visit a coffee cafe in Rwanda

You cannot visit Kigali city and fail to test one of the best coffees in the world, Rwanda is known for being one of the largest exporters of Arabica coffee in the world today and this is evident when you visit the different coffee plantations that can be seen all over the country interesting about coffee growing is the fact that you can also get to families practicing small coffee growing to gain income for their daily needs. During your coffee conquests in Kigali city visit Questions Coffee Gishushu that will give you the ultimate coffee experience with professional coffee baristas that will make you coffee from the finely selected, roasted and ground coffee beans that will make every sip you take quite heavenly.

Hike Mount Kigali

With the rolling hills in Rwanda, hiking mount Kigali should be part of the top activities in Kigali city 2022. Mount Kigali is not your typical mountain because it is actually a hill but this should not push you away from trying to hike it because there’s a lot about the while that you should discover as you take part in hiking mount Kigali. As you hike mount Kigali, you will be amazed by the breath-taking views of Kigali city from an aerial view, a view that is perfect for photography and also capturing the busy traffic flow on the streets of the city. At the summit of the mountain you will get to visit the horseback riding school, Fazenda Sengha where you will have an amazing experience riding the horse along the trails as you watch the rolling hills in Rwanda which are breath-taking and for tourists that do not know much about riding horses, don’t worry cause an instructor will teach you how to ride on the friendliest of their horses.

Mount Kigali
Mount Kigali

Visit Kimironko market

During your top activities in Kigali city 2022, you should visit Kimironko market which is the oldest market in Rwanda with a number of fascinating features.  At the market you will engage with people from different backgrounds and countries that come together to make one blend of hospitable people with beautiful smiles. As you walk around the market buy any organic fruit of your choice from a local seller to support his household, you will also get to see eye-catching hand-made crafts that can be purchased as souvenirs, in the market there are restaurants that will give you the ultimate local experience with a number of local dishes that are served  to make your safari experience quite rewarding. Some of the local dishes that you will get to enjoy include the ibiryo, isombe, ikivuguto, Urwagwa and many other dishes that will make your city tour worthy of all the pennies you spend.

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