Mount Kigali – Rwanda

Mount Kigali is one of the two mountains that can be found in Kigali city the capital of Rwanda, which interests travelers in different activities. The city is known for its amazing attractions that will attract you while on your Rwanda tour among the different attractions include the presidential palace, the Kigali genocide memorial museum, Hotel des mille Collins, Nyamirambo Muslim quarters and many other tourist attractions in the Kigali city tour but among the different attractions that can be seen in Kigali city. Mount Kigali is one of the most eye-catching landforms that can be seen in the city. Kigali city lies in between mount Kigali and mountain Jali which gives you the best views of the city while at its top. The mountain got its name from the many hills that are joined to form the mountain hence mountain Kigali. 

Mount Kigali

Things to do while on mount Kigali

Horse riding: Horse riding is carried out at Fazenda Sengha horse riding school where horse riding is the order of the day but don’t be surprised to see a few donkeys at the school because they are there to carry food and water for the horses. At the school, you will have the chance to ride a horse, feed it and also be taught the basics of horse riding depending on the time that you have to spend while at the school. At the school, you can host a picnic, carry out filming and photography to make your time spent at the school memorable. The thrilling adventure has attracted many tourists to the school because of the thrill involved. Don’t miss out on the wonderful adventure while visiting mount Kigali.

Sightseeing: Sightseeing is one of the reasons why people hike mount Kigali and this is because it gives you a broader and beautiful view of the Kigali city and the neighboring towns like Gisenyi, Gisozi, Kigali Independent University, the town of Nyabugogo and other towns where you will be able to see how the people in Kigali city carry out their daily activities, you will be able to see the lazy flow of traffic, people walking on the streets as they rush to carry out their business transactions, and not forgetting the  fresh breeze as you continue through the trees on the mountain. The mountain will give you the best relaxing views of the city.

Community encounters: The mountain is not your typical mountain without any settlements or with scattered settlements, mount Kigali has a number of settlements where you will be able to see a number of settlements where you can even engage with the locals. At Kumuvumu, you will have a chance to see different entertainment areas and places where you can engage in beer talks with the locals where they will give you a brief history of the mountain and also engage in different community walks in order to know the culture of Rwanda as you engage with the locals while moving around communities.

Hiking: Hiking to the top of the mountain can be challenging but the end it is very rewarding, the hike involves climbing up the mountain to the amazing viewpoints of the city. Through the hike up the mountain, you will come across different attractions and entertainment joints, for example, Mera Neza a bar where beer is the order of the day ibiryo a traditional dish of the Rwanda people which is an interesting mixture of potatoes and goat’s meat, Akabenz roasted pork.

Mountain biking: The mountain is a great spot for mountain biking, which can be done on the mountain. The mountain has some great routes that will enable you to have an adventure fun filled trip to make your trip to mount Kigali amazing. You can also choose to carry out cycling on the mountain which can be strenuous but worth all the time and energy that is spent while carrying out the activity because at the end of the day you will have amazing views of the city as a reward for the physical activity.

Horse Riding at Mount Kigali
Horse Riding at Mount Kigali

There are a few activities you can carry out while you’re at the mountain, therefore, you can carry out other activities while in Kigali to make your city tour amazing. Some of the activities that can be carried out while in Kigali after the activities at mount Kigali include;

  • Nyamirambo village walk where you will have the opportunity to visit a Kigali homestead where you will be invited to spend time with the families where you will be taught how to cook Rwanda cuisines, making of the local brew, handmade butter and so on.
  • Moto rides( motorcycle sunset rides)
  • You can go bowling as a way of having fun with your friends at the mamba club in Kigali
  • City walks can be amazing especially during sunset when the roads are not too busy which gives off a relaxing vibe, these can be carried out in Kacyiru and Nyarutarama by the lake which gives off cool breezes.
  • You can visit numerous restaurants, libraries, coffee shops and sip on Africa’s finest coffee.
  • If you are interested in charity work, you can visit different orphanages where you will help assist children by reading a book to them, teaching them any language which will warm their hearts.
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