How to prepare for a Uganda Safari 2022 : Are you interested in visiting Uganda for a rewarding safari experience? In this article we shall help you understand more about the country and how to prepare for Uganda safari 2022.  While you visit Uganda, there are a number of rewarding safari experiences in the country that you will get to live as you visit the different destination depending on your tastes and preferences and what you expect of your Uganda safari to entail. Here are the different factors that you should consider for an amazing safari experience in Uganda 2022

Know your preference

Before you make your preparations for the safari experience in Uganda, you will have to understand the different activities you’re interested in to help in planning for your safari experience in the country.  Visiting Uganda will give you the chance to choose a number of destinations to visit because of the variety that can be seen that will meet the different tastes and preferences of the tourists in the county. For birders, birding in Rwanda can be carried out in a number of National parks in the country like kibale national park, kidepo national park because they are a home to over 500 bird species that can make your birding safaris in Uganda quite rewarding.

How to prepare for a Uganda Safari 2022
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale

For travellers interested in participating in the primate safaris, you will have to choose from the different destinations where you can take part in the activities, some of the destinations you can take part in primate safaris include Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park for gorilla trekking in Uganda, for chimpanzee trekking in Uganda where you will get to see the primate species in Kibale National park, you can also participate in chimpanzee trekking in queen Elizabeth national park among other rewarding tourism activities that you should put in mind to ensure that you have an amazing experience in the park. knowing the different activities, you’re interested in participating in will help you to organize a safari that fits in your budget and also ensure you have the most rewarding safari experience.

Carry local currency/cash

The most widely used currency in Uganda is the local currency the Ugandan shillings therefore you should visit a number of forex bureau to change your foreign exchange into Uganda shillings to help you purchase a number of different items in the country  however in other areas dollars and euros can also be used but for an easy safari experience it is better to carry some local currency with you to avoid any disturbances while acquiring a number of items in the country and while you receive the different activities in the country. In the country items are bought using cash without using credit cards therefore carry some extra cash to ensure you don’t miss out on purchasing a number of items and to participate in the different activities in the country.

Know your budget

Before you book for your safari in Uganda, you should know your budget for your safari in order to have an amazing experience. There are a number of different accommodation options that cater for the different travellers like the budget options, luxury, and mid-range options. another tip for you to avoid spending a lot of money is travelling during the low season where a number of discounts are given like discounts on the different gorilla trekking permits in Uganda, most of the hotels in the country cut their prices during the low season because of the low turn up of guests during the safari therefore you should book for your safari in the country. Knowing your budget will help you plan the activities to take place without putting a strain on your pockets to ensure you don’t run out of cash while participating the Uganda safari 2022

How to prepare for a Uganda Safari 2022
Gorilla Trekking tours

Packing list

While preparing for a Uganda safari having the perfect packing list will help you have an amazing safari experience in Uganda. The country has the rainy and the dry season therefore depending on the time you choose to visit the country; you should consider the time you’re carrying out the safari to help you pack accordingly. During gorilla trekking in Uganda and other activities in the national parks in the country which involve hiking you should consider packing the perfect hiking boots, long sleeved trousers and shirts to avoid being scratched by nettles   and being bitten by a number of insects that can cause irritation with their bites.

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