Latest info note for arrivals in Rwanda : The Government of Rwanda as of the 27th of January 2022 revised the travel requirements for all arrivals into Rwanda via the Kigali International airport. The measures are set to guide post Covid travel as they limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This info note has been revised and these new guidelines are set to be implemented and analyzed for a month’s time and they will be revised where need be. These guidelines came out shortly before the Uganda Rwanda land border was reopened after a long two-year closure.

Previously all arrivals into Rwanda were expected to be accompanied by a negative PCR test result taken in the last 72 hours and then on arrival take another PCR test which results they would await for in a designated quarantine hotel in Kigali. There has been a mandatory 24-hour quarantine for all arrivals entering Rwanda however those transiting was exempted. This and other guidelines have been revised and these are outlined below.

Covid test

All arrivals into Rwanda will nolonger have to do both the SARS-CoV 2 Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test and the Rapid antigen on arrival and several days when in the country. They will only be required to be accompanied by the PCR test done within the last 3 days/ 72 hours and this should be before arrival into the country. The Rapid antigen tests are not accepted and the PCR is a must for all travelers above the age of 5 years. The children aged 5 and below are exempted from the test result.

The COVID-19 vaccination is an added advantage for the guests aged 12 and above, not a must but highly advised for arrival into Rwanda.

On arrival into Rwanda at the Kigali International airport for the Rwanda safari, arrivals will be required to only take a PCR test and an Antigen Rapid test which results will permit them to continue into the country at free will. Guests will only be expected to take another rapid antigen test on Day 3 into the country and no daily antigen rapid tests as before. These covid tests are mandatory and are at own cost. There are a few designated testing sites that guests can look at like the Camp Kigali, provincial and district hospitals in case the guest is out of Kigali city.

Latest info note for arrivals in Rwanda
Latest info note for arrivals in Rwanda

The price of the Covid tests in the country are being subsided to facilitate the frequent testing and make travel within the country more affordable. The 3 tests done on arrival and on day 3, the PCR test, the antigen rapid test on arrival and the antigen rapid test on day 3 will go for 70 USD and this is 60 USD for the three tests and 10 USD for the extra logistics at the airport. These tests can be paid in USD but for balances will be given in Rwandan francs, the local currency, Latest info note for arrivals in Rwanda.

The travelers will also need to do a test prior to departing the country and the price of this test has also been lowered so that they are able to take one ahead of their return home or to their next destination. This test will be taken at 50 USD where the 40 USD is for the test and 10 USD is for the logistics involved.

Please note that if you are booked to visit the Primate parks, you will need to have a valid PCR test ahead of each visit so these tests will also need to be planned for. The 3 mandatory tests are paid for at the Kigali International airport on arrival or on the passenger locator form ahead of arrival. The two tests will be done at the airport on arrival but the 3rd test will be done at any of the designated test centers.

The passenger locator form is filled in ahead of arrival and can be accessed on and this is where guests can upload their test done in the last 72 hours ahead of arrival.

For the transiting travelers, they will only be screened and this is for those who will be leaving the airport and spending more than 12 hours in the country and after being screened will take the two tests, the PCR test and the rapid test at own cost. If the transiting traveler will not be leaving the airport, they will only be screened and will not have to do any test in the country, Latest info note for arrivals in Rwanda.

Transiting travelers via the land border will need to be tested and will be required to do the two tests both the PCR and the rapid test on arrival into Rwanda. They will be fast tracked so that results are ready for the guests to continue with their journey.

If positive

If a traveler is found positive, he will have to take out 10 days of self-isolation and will not be accepted to exit the country until then. If after all the tests still turn out positive after 10 days of isolation and treatment, they will be issued a recovery certificate that they may use to travel out of Rwanda if they are accepted in their next destination.

No traveler will be accepted to pass through the Kigali International airport without a negative COVID-19 PCR test result and incase test results delay, you can contact the BIOS LAB HELP DESK on +250 787 243836 or +250 787793446. Get in touch with us and let us guide you on how to proceed on arrival into Rwanda.

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