Mount Nyiragongo hike during covid-19

Mount Nyiragongo hike during covid-19: Covid-19 in Congo disrupted a number of tourism activities in the country and led to the lockdown of a number of tourism destinations including virunga national park that led to the park management to come up with precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the virus to the tourists and to the wildlife while they take part in a number of activities in virunga national park like gorilla trekking, hiking the virunga mountains, birding visiting the Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage and the most rewarding of them all hiking mount Nyiragongo.

Mount Nyiragongo hike during covid-19

Mount Nyiragongo hike will give you the chance to see the world’s largest lava lake at the summit of the mountain.  It should be noted that a number of aspects changed with tourism in the country and by this it led to a number of changes including mount Nyiragongo hike this is because a number of safety measures are carried out before you access the country to take part in the activity, during your hike and after the hike to ensure you have an amazing and safe activity. 


Mount Nyiragongo hike during covid-19 is among the different activities in virunga national park that you can take part in for an amazing experience. The mountain is among the world’s most active volcanoes and also a home to the world’s largest lava lake which has attracted a number of tourists to visit virunga national park for an amazing time. The hike in the park takes two days and this implies you will get to camp on top of the mountain which will give you rewarding views of the lava lake as you get to see lava boiling for an exceptional time. The hike will also give you the chance to see other rewarding attractions like the Virunga Mountains like mount Mikeno and mount nyamuragira, numerous bird species like the long-crested eagle handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Batis Dusky turtle love, paradise flycatcher, archer’s ground robin, African Rwenzori, double collared sunbird, marsh harrier, Ruwenzori turaco, as you make your way to the summit of the mountains

Safety precautions to avoid covid-19 during your safari

There are a number of safety precautions that have been put in place to avoid the spread of covid-19/ corona virus and also other measures to follow for a safe mount Nyiragongo hike during covid-19 in virunga national park like;

  • As you reach Goma to transfer to virunga national park you’ll make your way to the Grande barrier for check in where you will present your visas and other documents like a negative covid-19 certificate or a certificate for the vaccine to ensure that you are not a threat to the tourists and also to the wild life like the mountain gorillas chimpanzees that you might get in contact with during your safari
  • At the Grande barrier, you will also be checked for any security threats like explosives, fire arms and many more that may cause danger to the people and the wildlife and if you’re clear then you can be cleared to access the park this is done to avoid tourists being under threat of any danger during the activity.
Facts about Mount Nyiragongo after the eruption
Mount Nyiragongo
  • Regular disinfection is encouraged when you access the park and at different points, you’ll get to see sanitizer dispenser which you should use to avoid the spread of the virus in case you come in contact with it.
  • Before you access the park premises, temperature guns are used to check for any temperature abnormalities like high temperature that can be one of the indicators of corona virus.
  • Regular sanitising of the hands is advised by the park management before taking part in the activity to avoid contaminating other tourists 
  • Before taking part in the activity, tourists are briefed about the activity and among the most stressed points are sick hikers should not be part of the activity. Mount Nyiragongo hike is tiresome which can be a threat to sick people  therefore you should consider not taking part in the hike to avoid any complications as you make your way to the summit.
  • Hiking mount Nyiragongo will be a safe activity because you are accompanied by a guide and a ranger who will ensure that you are not attacked by any vicious animals and also give you directions on the safe trails to hike when to get to the lava lake.
  •  When you get to the lava lake, it is advisable that you view the lake from a viewing point to avoid any accidents when you reach the lava lake.
  •  You should maintain social distance while taking part in the activity to avoid catching the virus in case there are tourists with undetectable virus.


  • While carrying out the mount Nyiragongo hike during covid-19 you should consider packing the perfect hiking shoes which will give you the opportunity to hike without any disturbance because the mountain is rocky which makes it hard to hike to the summit while putting on the wrong hiking shoes.
  • You should consider packing extra face masks that will help you to avoid contracting the virus while visiting in the park.  
  • Insect repellent should also be considered to be put under your packing list because the park is a home to a number of disease-spreading insects # mosquitoes, tsetse flies, black flies among others.
  • Warm closers like sweaters to ensure that you have comfortable overnight stays because the park tends to be cold at night.
  • If you are a fully vaccinated traveller, tested traveller, or covid-19 recovered patient, you should consider packing your health documents with you because failure to carry them, you will be advised to quarantine or take another covid-19 test.
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