Must Carry: Packing List for Nyungwe Forest

Must Carry Packing List for Nyungwe Forest is simply a lists of utilities  that one has to carry while on their safari to nyungwe forest national  park . blow are must carry items to nyugwe forest national park

Packing List for Nyungwe Forest

1. Rain gear

rain showers can become very heavy and fast

  1. hat

protect yourself from sun, rain or cold with an appropriate hat for the weather

3.park guide

guided employed by park are required on every trail. check in at reception center to reserve a guide before hiking any trail

  1. day pack

keep it small and light  just big enough to hold what you must have with your

  1. water

high altitude can cause hydration so drink plenty of water to feel your best

  1. hiking boots

closed toe shoes with low heels protect you from painful injuries to feet and ankles

  1. Hiking stick

your guide can provide a stick to help you hike safely in areas with stick mud or steep slopes

  1. camera

keep your memories alive with photos of Nyungwe National Park special places,people,plants and wildlife

  1. binoculars

Nyungwe beautiful plants and animals can be sometimes hard to spot without this extra help equipment

  1. sunblock

even when weather is cloudy and cool the sun at this altitude can be fair skin

  1. insect repellant

dense, moist vegetation a long the trails encourages all kind of insects


  1. flashlight

hikes sometimes start before dawn or keep you out after dark


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