Packing List for Birding in Rwanda : Rwanda has been quite famous for its mountain gorilla populations which are among the main reasons why people visit the country so as to take part in gorilla trekking in Rwanda.  Aside from gorilla trekking in Rwanda, there are a number of other activities that have attracted travellers from around the world to visit Rwanda and these include; the Rwanda genocide tour where tourists will get an insight of the 1994 Rwanda genocide by visiting a number of genocide memorial museums like the Kigali genocide memorial museum among other sites that make the country one of the top destinations to visit in Africa. Among the different tourism activities in the country, birding in Rwanda is gaining popularity as well because of how rewarding the activity is and a number of rewarding features you will get to see when you participate in it.

What to Pack for your Gorilla Trekking Safari in Rwanda

There are a number of birding spots in Rwanda that tourists interested in watching a number of bird species can visit and among the famous spots include Nyungwe forest national park, volcanoes national park where you will get to see a number of Albertine endemic species . In Akagera national park you will have the chance to see a number of water bird species but the most notable species that attracts birders to the park is the endangered shoe bill stork which is among the most rewarding bird species that have a number of interesting facts like the fact that it is one of the birds that survived evolution, it makes a sound similar to that of a machine gun being fired among other interesting features that will make your birding experience in Rwanda quite memorable. Important to note about your birding expedition in the park is the fact that you should have the perfect list for birding in Rwanda to ensure that you have an amazing experience while you visit Rwanda.

Packing List for Birding in Rwanda
Birding in Rwanda

Equipment for birding

  • Binoculars should be carried which will aid in clearly watching a number of features of the different bird species from a distance this is because some of the bird species like cisticola species but with the binoculars you can easily tell them apart from a distance.
  • Telescope especially the spotting scopes are used to
  • Sound players are quite vital during birding in the forests because they help to attract birds of that make the similar sound and if you’re lucky enough, you will get to see different bird species from a distance.
  • Sound recorders can also be used to capture the different sounds of the different bird species in the wild. The best way to record the sound of the bird you’re trying to capture is by pointing the recorder directly to the bird species you should ensure that the background noise is not captured within your recording.
  • Camera is among the most essential items that act as evidence of having seen the different bird species it is also a way to help you to remember how the different bird species look like as opposed to the book images it will give you that authentic experience of watching the bird in the wild, Packing List for Birding in Rwanda.
  • Bird checklist will help you tick off the birds you have covered during your birding expedition in the park.

Perfect clothing for birding

  • Rain coat should be carried because the weather in some of the national park in Rwanda is quite unpredictable that it you can get some showers during your birding experience in Rwanda.
  • Hiking boots should also be carried to aid in easy movement in some impenetrable birding spots in the country like the nyabarongo wetlands and the Rugezi mash.
  • You should also pack your insect repellent because you will encounter a number of insect like tsetse-flies that can cause irritation with their bites and make your activity quite uncomfortable.

Best time for birding in Rwanda

Birding in Rwanda can be carried out all year throughout  by the best time to participate in birding is during the months of July- march where you will get to see a number of migratory bird species like the willow warbler,  you can also get to see a number of birds during the breeding season in the months January- march and August – November however depending on the time you visit the country you will get to see a number interesting of bird species to make your activity quite rewarding and it should also be noted that before you book for gorilla trekking in the park, you should present your birding wish list to help in the proper designing of your itinerary to ensure that you have the most rewarding experience watching a number of bird species.

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