Top Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park 2021 : Queen Elizabeth national park is among the most memorable national parks in Uganda that tourists can visit at any given time of the year because of the different activities in Queen Elizabeth national park   that can be carried out all year round. With covid-19 being a problem in the world, the ministry of health in Uganda came up with a number of standard operating procedures at the different tourism destinations that tourist should follow to ensure that they have a safe experience and among these include regular sanitising of surfaces tourists get in contact with, tourists should also put on their face masks while visiting the different destinations in the country and a number of other measures that are established.

It should also be noted that before they access the country they should have taken a covid-19 test 72 hours prior to travel, they should either be fully vaccinated for covid-19 and failure to present a covid-19 vaccination certificate, they are advised to take another covid-19 test on arrival at Entebbe international airport or the different entry points in the country. There’s a lot in queen Elizabeth national park that tourists can get to take part in because it is among the top 5 tourism destinations in Uganda 2021 that tourists can visit while taking part in their Uganda safari.

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee trekking is among the top activities in Uganda 2021 making it among the top activities in Queen Elizabeth national park 2021 that you should participate in for an amazing experience.  Chimpanzee trekking in queen Elizabeth is carried out in kyambura gorge the valley of apes where you will get to see a number of different primate species like the different monkey species like the colobus monkey, vervet monkey and many other monkey species. the activity involves tracking habituated chimpanzee troops that are already accustomed to human presence and because they are unable to attack you while they sight you if you follow the instructions of your guide and by this you will get to observe their different behavior in the wild as you walk through the gorge tis is because they are highly active as they move from one place to another and in the process, you will get to see different bird species and a number of other rewarding attractions in the park.

Lion tracking experience

The lion tracking experience involves tourists tracking a given lion pride that is located with the help of a radio collar in the lions and this is carried out early morning and in the late afternoon where you will accompany a team of researchers to get to a given pride of lions that you will have a chance to learn more about their different behaviour of the carnivores within their given pride. When you get to the pride, you will have the chance to distinguish the females from the males as you watch them closely, you will get to see the males have a mane and the females don’t, you will get to see the females doing the hunting while the males establish and protect their territory and an interesting fact about their territories is the fact that the males establish them by urinating a boundary around the place they settle. Other interesting features you will get to learn about the carnivores is their territorial hierarchy, how they co-exist with one another among other interesting features of the carnivores.

Top Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park 2021
Lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game drives

 Tourists can either take part in the morning or evening game drives or both activities as part of the top activities in Queen Elizabeth national park 2021. During the During the morning game drives in the park, you will have a chance to see a number of early risers within the park that are usually seen in the savannah grasslands in the park like; impalas, topis, bush bucks, elephants, rhinos, among other herbivores. You will also have the chance to see a number of bird species during the drives near the water sources in the park like the swamps and the different bird species that can be seen include; African fish Eagle, the open billed stork, the egrets, cormorants, Senegal lapwings, African darter, Hammerkop, Caruthers’s cisticola, pied crow, black headed weaver, fan tailed widow bird, violet’s black weaver, long crested Eagle, like the sun bird, Chapin’s flycatcher, Rwenzori Batis, strange weaver, red throated alethe.

Boat cruise

As part of the top activities in Queen Elizabeth national park 2021, the boat cruise is the most rewarding because of the unmatched experiences you will get to live as you get to see a number of rewarding attractions and exceptional views as you participate in the cruise along the Kazinga channel adjoining Lake George and Edward. The different wildlife species that can be seen include buffalos, elephants, the Uganda Kobs, buffaloes, hippopotamus, a number of reptiles and amphibian species like the Nile lizards, Nile crocodiles sun basking along the river banks.  Numerous bird species like great cormorant, little grebe, northern lapwing, red necked grebe, wandering albatross, pied king fisher’s to make your experience in the park memorable.


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