Top things to do in Kampala City : Kampala city, the capital city of Uganda is among the most rewarding destinations that you will visit on your city tour because the city is home to a number of attractions from the culture of the people that is represented through food, there are a number of historical sites that can be visited to give you an insight of the history of the country, you will get to visit a number of entertainment centres that will make sure your Uganda safari is worthy of all the money you spend one it. Some of the top things to do in Kampala city include;

Visit the restaurants

In Kampala city, you will have an amazing experience visiting a number of restaurants that off the most memorable experience if you’re interested in feasting on a number of cuisines. For tourists interested in having the most rewarding Ugandan cuisine like the luwombo, mugoyo a mixture of beans and potatoes grilled in banana leaves, smoked tilapia in pasted ground nuts served with plantain in restaurants like 2K restaurant, Luwombo restaurant, Shaka zulu restaurants which provides fresh organic fruit juice for free. You can also visit a number of Italian restaurants that will make you culinary tourism adventure quite memorable as you   there are also a number of Italian restaurants in the park that can be visited like; Mediterraneo restaurant, Patio Italian restaurant, Linove restaurant, feast on some chicken biryani, tandoori chicken by visiting a number of Indian restaurants like Khana Khazana, Handi restaurant, Biryani House for the best Indian cuisines that will make your Uganda safari quite memorable.

Visit acacia mall

For a rewarding entertaining experience for you and your family then the acacia mall is the place to be with a number of entertainment centers that can be visited to make your Uganda safari quite an adventure. At the mall you can visit an ice cream parlor caramel and enjoy customized flavours to your taste, enjoy visiting caffesserie an amazing restaurant that has a number of continental dishes that can be visited, visit the cinema and watch some of Africa’s finest block busters to make your experience quite rewarding, for an amazing experience in the country. Visit some of the Kid’s stores and support a local designer today with a number of African print fabric that depict some of the cultures of the people of Uganda. Visit the health clubs and fitness centers and unwind from ll the stress that you might have encountered from the bad traffic in some of the cities, and for the kid and parents to enjoy the virtual reality game experience by playing some of the most anticipated games in the game world today.

Top things to do in Kampala City
Acacia mall

Visit the Kasubi tombs

Are you interested in known more about the culture of the people of Uganda with a country that has a rich heritage with 56 tribes that have unique culture values? Visit the Kasubi royal tombs which is also UNESCO heritage site. The tombs are the burial grounds for the kings of Buganda kingdom one of the most economically developed kingdoms in the country with a number of attractions and transport systems. At the royal tombs 6 kings were buried there Kabaka muteesa 1 who invited the missionaries in Uganda that introduced modernity by teaching people how to read and write another famous king that was buried there is kabaka Mwanga that is known worldwide as the person that ordered the killing of the Uganda martyrs on 3rd June which is a holiday in Uganda that celebrated all the people that were killed for their faith during the time

Visit Namugongo martyrs shrine

Visit the Uganda martyr’s shrine in Namugongo to have an insight of the events that led to the killing of the Uganda martyrs that were killed for their faith in Uganda on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga who ordered them to be killed by burning. At the shrine you will visit the different museum like the catholic museum where you will get to see a number of me monuments that show how the martyrs were killed and a brief history of the events that led to the unfortunate events during the time. Interesting about the martyrs is the fact that they were all inaugurated as saints by Pope Paul and these are recognized in the world.

Top things to do in Kampala City
Uganda martyrs shrine

There are a number of other activities that you can take part in for rewarding attractions in Uganda like gorilla trekking in Uganda that can be carried out in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga National Park, for the most rewarding primate safaris in Uganda you can also participate in chimpanzee trekking in kibale national park, chimpanzee trekking in Queen Elizabeth National park, you can participate in lion tracking in queen Elizabeth national park, visit Ziwa Rhino sanctuary to track the endangered rhinos in Uganda, you can also participate in the game drives in queen Elizabeth national park, boat cruise in Murchison falls national park for an amazing experience in Uganda

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