Travel Guide to Rwanda During COVID 19

Travel Guide to Rwanda During COVID 19: Rwanda is among the different countries in the world that were affected  covid-19/ coronavirus and also among the few countries in Africa that was cleared s a safe country for travel during the global pandemic this is because of the different safety measures that are exercised by the country at large that are able to benefit the locals and the tourists when they visit the country to take part in the different activities during their Rwanda safari.  Rwanda is one of the mesmerizing destinations where you can take part in a number of activities for an amazing experience during your safari and among the top activities in Rwanda in 2021 during covid-19 that you can take part in include gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park which will give you the chance to track one family of half of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world understanding their unique behaviour.

Travel Guide to Rwanda During COVID 19

 During your safari, you will also get the chance to take part in golden monkey trekking another opportunity that you will get to understand more about the endangered species that can only be found in the albertine rift, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park, you can also take part in the Rwanda genocide tour that will give you an insight of the dark period in the country that led to the devastating events that changed the country forever among other memorable activities. But before you take part in the memorable activities in Rwanda, you should know the different travel requirements that will ensure that you have an amazing time in the country and with this travel guide, you will be able to know the kind of clothing to wear, the necessary documentations, the essentials, and the standard operating procedures you should follow for an amazing Rwanda safari.

Travel Guide to Rwanda During COVID 19
Travel Guide to Rwanda During COVID 19

Travel requirements

As part of the prevention measures to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus/ covid19 as you reach Kigali international airport,  it is necessary for tourists to take a covid-19 test earlier before your travel this will give you the chance to access the destination to take part in the different activities you’re interested in. Important to note about the test is the fact that you should also obtain a negative PCRcovid-19 test certificate and also you should fill in a passenger locator form which helps them to monitor and their movements while in the country for easy identification and in case they contract the disease while in the country, they will be able to tell where they might have travelled to ad the people they came in contact with. The locator form includes the passport information, travel details, hotel bookings among other relevant information for their tourism activities in the country.

Essentials for your travel

  • The perfect clothing should be packed in order for you to have have an amazing time in the country. it should be noted that the country has two dry seasons that is the wet and the dry season and by knowing this it will give you the chance to pack accordingly. During the wet season it is advised to carry heavy clothes that will ensure that you keep warm at all times and during the dry season, you should carry light clothes.
  • Medical forms for tourists that have any underlying sickness should be carried with them at all time this is because of any illnesses the doctors around the country will have a history of your sickness in order to attend to you and in some cases it can save lives, the forms will help tell if you gave any chronic illnesses, allergic reactions to medicines and other required information that can be used in case of any emergency.
  • Toiletries should also be packed like the tooth paste, deodorants, perfumes, body splashes among other essential toiletries this is because at some of the hotels in the country they are unable to give them to the clients and i places where the clients are provided with some of them, they can be of not your required choice therefore you should always carry your own to avoid any inconvenience. 
  • Sunscreen can also be carried because the country experiences abundant sunshine through out the year 
  • Note book can also be carried to make your safari quite memorable by noting down some of the memorable experiences you go through during the different activities in the country. you can also keep track of your activities by noting down the activities that you’re interested in taking part in for an amazing safari.
  • Camera should also be carried because the country has a number of mesmerising features that you can find interesting when yo take part in the different activities. during the activities, you can  capture beautiful memories of the attractions for a rewarding experience.

Safety precautions to follow on your Rwanda safari during covid-19

  • One of the most important precautions during your safari is to wear a face mask at all times as you participate in the different activities like gorilla trekking, Kigali city tour, Rwanda genocide tour, this will minimise the spread of the virus
  • Regular sanitising should be ensured to avoid contamination of the hands that can easy spread the virus among the different people this is because the hands come in contact with many surfaces of which can be contaminated.
  • During your transfer to different destinations it is important to regularly disinfect the exposed surfaces to avoid contraction of the virus this is because the virus can live on surfaces for more than 12 hours.
  • You should maintain social distance while taking part in the different activities in the given destinations and at some destinations, the number of tourists taking part in the activities has been decreased in order to ensure that there is social distance that is maintained to avoid the spread of the virus.
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