What are the best couple activities on a safari in 2024 / 2025? February is known as the month of love, it’s actually one of the many months in the year where we see a lot of couples taking safaris together alone without family or kids or friends. Most couples take advantage of the love hype in this month to celebrate their love, which is a good thing and we highly recommend it. The only challenge with this month is that though a lot of couples want to go on a safari or to a safari destination together, they usually don’t know what activities they can do together. And this is why in this article we detail some of the best couple activities you can do on a Rwanda safari tour.

Of course on any safari you will expect to have activities like game drives, boat rides, nature walks and bird watching activities. These are activities usually offered at most parks so you will do these as alone or with other people who have booked the activity at the same time as you.

So the other activities you can do together as a couple include:-

  1. Community visits

As a couple you can visit the local communities around the park, engage in their traditions like how their go about their work, make their food, learn  their traditional songs, dances and many more. Engaging in these activities are good way to celebrate love and rekindle the spark in your relationship.

You will also be amazed at what each community visit can teach you as a person and the a couple.

You should note that the community you can visit is dictated by the park you visit. The communities in East Africa are Ik people, Batwa people, Maasai people and others.

  1. Sunset boat rides

You can also take sunset boat rides on the water to just enjoy the sun as it sets and the cool breeze on the water. If it’s well planned this is a very romantic activity that can give you time with your partner to talk and just enjoy each other.

  1. Go camping

Go camping together; spend a night in the wild under the sky and the stars and everything romantic as you enjoy the sounds of the animals and birds in the jungle. It’s a good time to be alone and enjoy each other.

  1. Nature Walks

You can take nature walks in the park, to enjoy of course the nature but also to celebrate your love in the midst of nature. It’s a good activity to just spend time together.

What are the best couple activities on a safari in 2024 / 2025?
Nature walk
  1. Sport fishing

If you are the competitive kind of couple you can interest yourself in sport fishing, where you go to the lake to compete while fishing as you catch fish. The fun thing about it is after you catch the fish you can make a meal and enjoy it together.

  1. Picnic

You can also have picnics at the safari destination. These need planning and also not all parks are good for picnics but we assure you if you get a park that is good for picnics and plan everything well, you will enjoy the couple picnic. Consult with your tour consultant about this ahead of time. Picnics are refreshing and a good way to rekindle your love.

  1. hot-air balloon

There are parks that have hot air balloon activities. So you can take a hot air-balloon experience with your partner to fly up in air as you celebrate you love.

  1. Photographs

You can also choose to have professional photoshoot at the destination you are at. Safari destinations are a good back drop for nice lovely photos so use that time and take good photos.

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