Activities in Kibale National Park

Activities in Kibale National Park are the different ventures in which travelers can engage in on there Kibale Forest safari tour. Kibale National Park is known as the primate destination in East Africa with its 13 primate species that can be seen during their Uganda tours. The park boasts of over 1500 chimpanzees which are the dominant primate species but aside from the chimpanzees, there are a number of attractions that will catch the eyes of the tourist when they get to visit the park which includes the numerous bird species, exceptional views of the forest among other attractions. If you are interested in exploring the park, you can participate in a number of activities the park offers for a memorable adventure in Kibale national park.

Chimpanzee Trekking in Uganda Vs Rwanda

Chimpanzee trekking

Chimpanzee trekking is among the activities in Kibale national park that can be carried out to ensure that tourists have an amazing time during your Uganda national parks tour. The park is home to 1000 chimpanzees and of which four chimpanzee families are habituated to ensure that you participate in chimpanzee trekking.  Chimpanzee trekking in the park involves tourists hiking through the different trails in the park where they will get to the four habituated chimpanzee families in Kibale national park.  

While getting to the families, you will see a number of rewarding sceneries and attractions like a number of monkey species like red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, the Mona monkey, Vervet Monkey among other monkey species when you get to your chimpanzee family you will spend on hour with the primates observing their behavior in the park, for instance, you will get to know about the diet of the chimpanzees, their eating intervals, how they co-exist with one another among other interesting features about the chimpanzees in Kibale national park during chimpanzee trekking.

Chimpanzee habituation

Kibale national park is the only park among the 10 national parks in Uganda where chimpanzee habituation can be carried out. Chimpanzee habituation is one of the most rewarding activities in Kibale national park that can be carried out to ensure you have a great time during your Uganda tour safaris. The activity involves tourists accompanying a team of researchers who are responsible for training the primate species to get used to human presence during chimpanzee trekking.

Bush crafts

Bushcraft making is another activity in Kibale national park that can be carried out by children aged 15 years and below. The activity is carried out by kids that cannot take part in chimpanzee trekking not to be left out among the different activities in the park. The activity will involves children visiting the forests for nature walks where they will engage with the environment as they see the different bird species, primate species and at the end of the walks, they will carry out bushcraft lessons where they will be taught basket weaving, souvenir making from the different plant materials in the park which will be a fun filled experience among the activities in Kibale national park.

Nocturnal walks

You can also participate in nocturnal walks among the activities in Kibale National Park that tourists can carry out to ensure they have amazing experiences while in the park. Experience the forest coming to life with a number of creatures that can be seen in the park. Among the notable nocturnal creatures in the dark include; bush babies, pottos, pangolins and many other creatures. 

Nature walks

Nature walks re some of the activities in Kibale national park where tourists will have a fun filled adventure during their tours in the park.  during the nature walks in the park, you will get the chance to see a number of attractions that will be eye-catching like the different primate species like monkey species like black and white colobus monkey species, red tailed monkeys, the vervet monkey, Mona monkeys among other different monkey species, you will also have the chance to see numerous bird species like the white winged warbler, grey breated pitta, yellow spotted nicator, papyrus gonolek, white collared olive back, grey winged robin chat, black bishop, white spotted flufftail, hairy breasted barbet, black-crowned wax bill among other bird species.

Activities in Kibale National Park
Activities in Kibale National Park


Birding is one of the most rewarding activities in Kibale national park that tourists should participate in order to have amazing safari experiences while in Uganda. The park is a home to over 350 bird species that the park harbors which makes it the ultimate birder’s destination. Some of the bird species that can be seen include, shrike flycatcher, brown crowned tchagra, hairy breasted barbet, red-faced crimson, black bee eater, gree breasted pitta, yellow billed barbet, white-bellied crested flycatcher, tinker bird, white thighed hornbill, western nicator, bar-tailed trogon, white spotted flufftail and a number of other bird species.

You can also visit the Bigodi wetlands sanctuary which is near Kibale forest where you will find a number of bird species that seek shelter in the wetlands and some of the notable bid species in the park include; weavers, wax bills, white-breasted negrofinch, black-crowned waxbill, brown-throated wattle eye among the 138 bird species that can be found in the wetlands.

bird in kibale forest national park

Visiting water bodies

Near Kibale national park, you will come across a number of water bodies that will offer out of the world views and experiences to ensure you have an amazing time during your Kibale national park tours. The visits to the crater lakes will ensure that you have an amazing experience offering the best views for picnics, scenic viewing, photography which will offer relaxing experiences in the park.

Kibale national park is one of the top 10 tourist destinations in East Africa that once visited, the park will open up an exciting adventure that is incomparable to the visits to other parks, from the skilled personnel that are able to assist you at any time to the beautiful sceneries that a present not living out the wildlife flora and fauna that fill the area and with a number of activities in Kibale National Park, it is your ultimate wildlife safari destination where all your wildlife dreams will come true.

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