Best places to stay when on a Rwanda safari

Best places to stay when on a Rwanda safari : Most tourists flocking Rwanda come looking for a Rwanda gorilla trekking experience and others are looking to spend some quality time in the other tourist destinations as well. Rwanda is a very beautiful country with great weather favoring the tourism activities in the different parts of the country. Rwanda has a number of attractions such as cultural heritage sites, other primates like golden monkeys, chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys to mention but a few.

Besides the primates, Rwanda also has a savannah park offer the wildlife experience with a chance to spot the Big 5 animals in one park completing the African safari experience. For those interested in more physically demanding activities, there are a few mountaineering experiences around the country one can take part in. You may opt to spend some time at the beach relaxing from the strenuous tourist activities but every night spent in the country adds to your experience of the Rwanda tour.

Here is a list of a number of great hotels to opt for a night or more night’s stay depending on where you are in the country.

  • Magashi Tented camp

The Magashi Tented camp is one of the newest additions to the luxury hotels of Rwanda and this gem is located in the Akagera national park, the savannah national park of Rwanda. Magashi Camp is a top luxury property that compliments your safari experience in Rwanda. Right after enjoying or as you anticipate spotting the Big 5 animals, head out to this luxury tented safari camp located in an only exclusive use area for the Akagera national park.

The Magashi Camp also has uninterrupted views of one of the Lakes of Akagera and that is the Lake Rwanyakazinga. You are assured of spotting the Big 5 in this area of the park and this hotel offers complimentary day and night game drives on the room rate. This is the best property for small groups or couple travelers.

Best places to stay when on a Rwanda safari
Magashi Tented camp
  • Ruzizi Tented Lodge

The Ruzizi Tented lodge is familiar to the Magashi Camp as they are both classified as luxury and this is also a tented property in the Akagera national park. The rooms at the Ruzizi tented lodge are canvas tents built with lux and are eco-friendly. The Ruzizi tented lodge offers great views of the Lake Ihema that is famous for its hippos and crocodile concentration and also a great birding point.

The Ruzizi tented lodge offers families, couples and even individual travelers the ideal wildlife safari feel.

A single room at the Ruzizi tented camp ranges from about 300 USD and a double room may go for about 600 USD.

  • One & Only Nyungwe house

The One & Only Nyungwe house is a 5-star property giving the most rewarding views of the Nyungwe forest and is a blend of stylish modern art with Rwandan style décor. The One & Only Nyungwe house is located in the Nyungwe forest, the home of the endangered chimpanzee species as well as other 8 primates. This resort has 4 hiking trails that go into the forest for guests looking for a nature walk and there are all fitness levels.

Get to enjoy the beautiful tea plantation surrounding this property and for the lux guests, the property has a helipad. Great for getaways, night stay in the Nyungwe forest and can also host families.

  • The Retreat Kigali

The Retreat Kigali is a great property nestled in the country’s capital city, full of lux and exclusive treats, starting from the private fitness classes for guests to the gourmet dishes prepared at their Fusion Restaurant to the personal butler, you are assured of the 5-star experience at this property. This property is not only modern but blends in some Rwandan culture such as locally made arts and crafts at the property, for décor and some for sale.

Great choice for all travelers looking for an exclusive and lux experience during their stay in Kigali Rwanda.

  • Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

The Sabyinyo silverback lodge is Rwanda’s first community owned lodge and yet very pomp and luxurious. The Sabyinyo Silverback has an authentic and warm arena that all guests feel throughout their stay at this property. It is a luxury yet homey property located just adjacent to the Volcanoes national park and is a great choice for guests taking on a mountain gorilla trekking or golden monkey trek thus Best places to stay when on a Rwanda safari.

Best places to stay when on a Rwanda safari
Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge

Enjoy the rainforest and the Virunga volcanic mountains at a range or spend some time in the spa enjoying world class treatments. A great choice for solo travelers, couples and even families.

  • Bisate lodge

An old one but a forever gem is this Bisate lodge, a 5 star property nestled up on one of the volcanic cones of the Volcanoes national park. The rooms at the Bisate lodge are unique 6 opulent villas shaped like the traditional huts of the ancient Rwanda. The Bisate lodge is a world class property and also an eco-luxury lodge.

This is a great option for guests looking to spend more than 2 nights to fully enjoy the property and get the best offers.

Rwanda has been recognized worldwide for having a great number of world-class properties and these are just a few of those. Get in touch and let us share the other great properties and book you a stay in one of your preference and budget.

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