Lake Muhazi

Lake Muhazi is one of the fresh water lakes that can be found in Rwanda and one of the hidden attractions that the country boasts of. For any tourists interested in having a great time while on a Rwanda tour, don’t hesitate to choose the adventure package among the different Rwanda tour packages where you will get to explore a number of water bodies like Lake Kivu, lake Muhazi, lake Ihema. The package will ensure you take part in exploring the different water bodies and taking part in adventure activities like hiking the Virunga Mountains among other interesting aspects. Among the different destinations that can be chosen while on your adventure trip, Lake Muhazi should be on you’re to-do list because it will offer the most amazing experience if you visit it.

Lake Muhazi

Accessing Lake Muhazi

Lake Muhazi is located in the eastern side of Rwanda which is just 40 minutes drive from Kigali City for tourists interested in visiting the water body, it can be accessed by using the Gatuna road, Kayonza road and the Kagitumba road in towns which can be visited during the Rwanda city tours which can offer amazing experiences where you will participate in a number of engaging activities. Through Kagitumba road, you will reach the eastern side of Lake Muhazi, by using Kayonza road it will lead you to the southern side of the lake and the Gatuna road which will lead you to the western side of Lake Muhazi for you to participate in a number of the different activities at the lake.

Things to do at Lake Muhazi

  • Fishing: Fishing at the lake is one of the rewarding activities that tourists can participate in to have an amazing time. Some of the fish types that can be caught in the lake include marbled lung fish, Nile tilapia, blue-spotted tilapia among other fish types and interesting about the activity is the fact that at the end you get to keep some of the fish caught which you can take back at your resort for preparation and you enjoy the fruits of your hard work.
  • Birding: At the lake, you will also have the chance to participate in birding because there are a number of water birds that can be seen trying to catch fish from the lake others flying over the lake trying to spot their potential prey, other bird species can be seen making nests for themselves in the trees along the shores of the lake and some of the bird species that can be seen include; scarlet chested commorant, African Fish eagle, Common Waxbill, yellow billed stork, Yellow-throated Greenbul, grey crowned cranes, Speckled Pigeons, white-breasted cormorants, Chin-spot Batis, arrow marked flycatchers Ashy Flycatcher, open bill, Cardinal Woodpecker, cattle egrets, Bronzed Sunbirds among other bird species.
  • Camping: At the different shores of the lake, camping is carried out which is organized by the different hotels. Tourists interested in camping will have to book in advance in order not to miss out on the amazing activity because it is one of the activities that tourists engage in while at the lake. You can either bring your own camping equipment which will reduce the costs or if the equipment can be a little inconveniencing, you can hire when you reach the hotel which will set up the camping tents for you at a little cost. Some of the hotels on the shores of lake Muhazi that offer camping services include; the seeds of peace and Rwesero beach which is located on the northeastern shores of Lake Muhazi.
  • Cultural encounters: You will also have a chance to engage with the local community where you will visit a number of towns surrounding lake Muhazi but one town that should not be missed out on while on your tour is the Gahini town which is among the most religious towns in Rwanda. The town is known as one of the areas that the early missionaries in Rwanda first visited and constructed a number of schools, churches and a large missionary hospital known as the Gahini hospital which is still used today by the locals to receive treatment, interesting about the buildings that were constructed, they still maintain their originality and this is another attraction for you to visit the town because you will get to see the different architecture styles of the missionaries.
Lake Muhazi
Lake Muhazi
  • Boat rides: You can also participate in the boat rides o the lake where you will enjoy the lake breezes, see the sunset, water birds on the lake and a number of other attractions which will ensure that you have a relaxing trip while on the lake. Early morning and in the evening, you will have the chance to see fishermen heading to their fishing spots to catch fish and if you are not in a hurry, you can accompany them to watch how they catch fish from the lake.
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