Rwanda Tour Packages

Rwanda Tour Packages are one of the satisfying tours anyone could embark on while in Africa reason being Rwanda is one of the most organised, secure and highly satisfying destinations that have gained popularity in Africa and the world at large. This due to Rwanda’s improved infrastructural development, security and safety of the country, availability of a number of tourist attractions which are among the top 10 tourist destinations in East Africa that can be visited at any given time of the year due to the good climatic conditions and so on. Rwanda is by far the most interesting, rewarding East African country that should not be missed out on.

Rwanda Tour Packages

Among the different factors that have attracted tourists to come into the country, are the well-designed Rwanda tour packages have pushed a number of tourists to come into the country. Among the tour packages that are offered in the country include the following; 

1: Cultural Tourism Packages

Are you interested in having a wonderful Rwanda cultural experience? Rwanda is the destination to choose to have the best adventure in regards to culture. Important to note about the country is the fact that it is a culturally rich country with three distinct tribes that include the Hutu, Tutsi and the Twa.

Although Rwanda is known for a variety of wildlife species that are protected in the national parks of the country like the Volcanoes National Park which offers the ultimate gorilla trekking experience while in the park. Cultural tourism packages are also available to ensure that you have the best time while in the country.

The Tutsis were mainly cattle keepers that are famous for their long-horned cattle which can be seen while you visit northern Rwanda where you will have a chance to see a number of cattle farms. The Hutu, on the other hand, are traditionally cultivators that can be seen cultivating a number of food crops like Irish potatoes, they also adopted coffee and tea growing where a number of plantations can be seen on your way to volcanoes national park.

The Batwa are mainly Forest people that are located within the forest areas in volcanoes national park, going on a Batwa trail experience in the country will offer amazing experience as you visit them. The highly indigenous group of people is the smallest group among the three tribes in Rwanda which interesting features once they are seen. 

You can also visit the various cultural sites that will give you an in-depth study of Rwanda’s culture for instance the ethnographic museum, the king’s palace museum among other sites that can be visited to ensure that you have the best cultural experience. Also going for a Rwanda cultural tour will enable that you get to know more about Rwanda’s culture as you have fun.

2: Adventurous Tourism Packages

When it comes to physically engaging and challenging activities, Rwanda has got you covered. The country is home to a number of adventure activities that will keep you captivated while in the country some of the activities that will include on an adventure tourism package include the following;

  • Lake Kivu: Lake Kivu has a number of adventure activities that can be carried out on the lake and along the shores of the lake. Lake Kivu is one of the fresh water lakes in Rwanda that not only offer amazing breathtaking views of the lake but also a number of activities can be carried out which may include; biking on the shores which is a relaxing adventure sport which will be thrilling as you enjoy the lake breeze and mingle with the locals on the shores. Sportfishing can also be carried out to where you will have the chance to keep some of the fish you’ve caught making it a rewarding activity to participate in. You can also carry out kayaking on the lake which is another rewarding activity which is usually carried out early mornings when the lake is calm, the activity is one of the oddly satisfying activities anyone can participate in to have time to yourself as you enjoy the ride on the lake.
  • Hiking: The land of 1000 hills (Rwanda) has a number of mountains and different hiking trails which can be hiked to get rewarding views, have an opportunity to see a number of tourist attractions once you embark on the hiking adventure, you will be impressed by the beauty that will be discovered. Among the different hikes in the country that can be carried out include;
  1. Virunga Mountains hike: You cannot visit East Africa and fail to visit Rwanda the best tourist destination in the region with a number of attractions including the Virunga Mountains the home mountain gorillas in East Africa that can be found on the slopes of different Virunga mountains that can be found in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. You can carry out the Virunga Mountains hike in Rwanda that will offer an amazing experience, for example, you will come across a number of attractions like the mountain gorillas, golden monkeys in the bamboo trees of the different Virunga mountains in Rwanda. At the mountains peaks, you will have exceptional views, for example, you will be able to see lakes like lake kivu, the twin Lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, at some of the peak you will be in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo at the same time which is quite unique and interesting.
  2. Nyungwe trails hikes: Visiting Nyungwe national park will give you a lifetime primate safari experience because of what the park is to offer. The park is famous for a number of primate species but especially chimpanzees where you can carry out chimpanzee trekking, golden monkey trekking, black and white colobus tracking among other primate activities. But aside from the primate safaris in Nyungwe national park, you can also participate in hiking the different trails within the park to have an adventure while in the park. Among the notable trails in the park include the Igishigishigi trail where you will come across the canopy walkway where you can carry out canopy walk. On the walkway you will have exceptional views of the entire park from the top; you will have a chance to see a number of bird species and so on. Other trails include the Bigugu trails where you will have a chance to see Lake Kivu at its peak, Kamiranzovu trail where you will find the swamp that killed a number of elephants through drowning at the trail you will see a skull of an elephant as evidence of what happened at the swamp. The Karamba birding trail, for a birder the trail will offer the best experience of birding in Rwanda with a number of bird species that can be seen. The Isumo waterfalls trails on which you can carry out the Isumo waterfalls hike which will offer rewarding views of the waterfalls. Other trails include Irebero trail, Muzimu trail, Umugote trail and many more where you find a number of primate and mammal species like the white colobus monkey, Angolan colobus monkey, grey-cheeked mangabeys, and Black-fronted duiker and so on.
Rwanda Tour Packages
Canopy Walkway Nyungwe is included in the Rwanda Tour Packages
  • Camping: Another fun filled activity that can be carried out in Rwanda you will find interesting because of a number of  camping spots that are available all over the country for instance at the different lake shores like on the twin lakes of Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo  which will provide out of the world views, at Cyuza’s islands where a number of water sports can be carried out like kayaking, sport fishing, swimming among others on the island, camping is the most pronounced activity so if you are interested in camping in the wild, Cyuza’s island is the place to be.

3: Wildlife Packages

The wildlife tour package involves tourists visiting the different protected areas in the country where a number of wildlife species can be seen. Among the different protected areas where one can see the different wildlife species include Akagera national park, Nyungwe national park and Volcanoes national park

Akagera National Park: Interested in seeing the big 5 animals in Rwanda, Akagera national park is the place to visit, it is among the few East African national parks where all the big five animals can be seen in the same area. Akagera national park not only has a chance to see all the big five animals but also a number of animal species can be seen during game drives, for example, the hippopotami which gather around the water bodies to quench their thirst among other animal species.

In the park, you can carry out a number of activities like sport fishing where you will be allowed to take one fish as a reward for your participation in the activity. Birding can also be carried out and a number of bird species like the African fish eagle, the open billed stork, the egrets, cormorants, Senegal lapwings, African darter will be seen during the boat safaris on the lakes.  

4: Pilgrimage Packages

In order to understand more about yourself or more about the history of Rwanda, visit the country and you will be availed to the old Rwanda which will be seen through visiting the different destinations and sites in the country with a history attached to it.  Among the different sites that can be visited include the genocide memorial sites which commemorate the 1994 Rwanda genocide where a number of Rwandans where killed because of the need to wipe out the Tutsi race in the country.  

Carrying out the Rwanda genocide tour will give you the chance to know more about the genocide and also visiting the different sites where authentic information will be given by the guides, for example, the Kigali genocide memorial site, Murambi genocide memorial site among other sites.

Rwanda is highly a religious country with a number of religious sites that have religious significance for instance our lady of Kibeho also known as Jesus’ house of mercy where it is believed that Virgin Mary appeared to three schoolgirls and warned them about the Rwanda Genocide which is believed to have happened in 1981 before the Rwanda genocide in 1994.

 A number of visions were seen by the girls for example dead bodies floating on rivers, people killing one another and so on. With these visions the Jesus’ house of mercy was declared a holy ground come and take part in understanding the word of Virgin Mary and be part of 1000 of visitors that flock the holy land to receive blessings.

5: Lifestyle Packages

The lifestyle package comprises of fitness, entertainment, wellness, leisure and a number of aspects that can make your trip fun. In the lifestyle package, you will visit a number of fitness centres, recreational centres, leisure centres to ensure that you have all the relaxation you need. Among the different recreational centres where you can relax and have fun include;

You can also participate in festivals in the country to ensure that you have the best time and among the tourism festivals that can be participated in especially in Kigali city include that can be participated in while on a Rwanda tour include; Kwita Izina also known as the gorilla naming ceremony which is an annual event that is carried out to celebrate the birth of a gorilla in Volcanoes National Park

Other festivals include; Kigali Up, international peace marathon, and many more. You can also carry out the Kigali city tour or the Rwanda city tours to have an amazing experience with a number of attractions that can be seen and activities that can be carried out.

6: Honeymoon Packages

Are you newlyweds or planning to get married, you should choose Rwanda as your honeymoon destination. Visiting Rwanda should be on your bucket list because of a number of beautiful spots that will be visited to make your honeymoon remarkable.

Among the different destinations in Rwanda that can be visited include; national parks which offer romantic experiences and luxurious accommodation facilities. A number of activities can be participated in like camping, swimming, gorilla trekking, hiking, cycling, nature walks to have the most calming situation. Adventure activities can be carried out.

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