City Tours in Rwanda

City Tours in Rwanda are some of the most interesting Rwanda Safari packages that travellers add to their itineraries to boost their experience in the country. Rwanda Development Board (RDB) the tourism board of the country is dedicated to ensuring that you have the best time while in the country however small the country is, there are different packages that are being developed to ensure that you have the utmost African experience while in the country.

Over the years Rwanda has been known for only its 1994 Rwanda genocide which you can know more about it when you carry out the Rwanda genocide tour and here you can visit different genocide memorial sites like the Kigali genocide memorial museum, the Gisozi memorial site and you will also find out the main causes of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. 

The country over the years has also been known for its Rwanda gorilla tours because it is one country in East Africa where you can find the mountain gorillas in large numbers and it is believed to be the home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas which is made gorilla trekking in Rwanda an interesting activity because of the many gorilla families that can be tracked on a daily basis.

Today Rwanda is famous for its different tourism packages which  have increased from just the Rwanda gorilla tours and the Rwanda genocide tours to the Rwanda cultural tours, Rwanda golden monkey trekking, Rwanda chimpanzee tours, Rwanda hiking tours where you can participate in the virunga mountains hike, Dian Fossey tomb hikeIsumo waterfalls hike, mountain Kigali hike, birding in Rwanda which will satisfy the different needs of the travellers to ensure that you have the best time in the country.

With a number of packages being developed on a daily basis, you should not miss out on the city tours in Rwanda because the interesting details, attractions you will come across, activities that you will participate in will make your Rwanda city tours interesting. Rwanda is made of different cities that have a lot to offer to you therefore just come and take part in the city tours in Rwanda. Some of the cities and towns that can be visited include the following;

Cyagungu City

Cyangugu city is one of the most interesting cities located in Rusizi district in Rwanda given its history and the attractions that can be seen once you visit the city. For nature lovers the city has got you covered because of its numerous attractions that can be seen in the city which may include the following;

  • Nyungwe National Park: The park offers the best primate safaris in the country because of the 13 different primate species that can be seen in the park which include the chimpanzees which are the most famous primates in the park, the chimpanzees in Nyungwe national park are habituated into different groups for the activity of chimpanzee trekking to be carried out.  With chimpanzee trekking in the park, you will be given a time limit of one hour to spend with the primates understanding their behaviour while in their natural habitat. Among the different behavioural patterns that can be seen include the ways of feeding, their ply time, how they co-exist with one another which are interesting activities. In the park you can see a number of other primates like the silver monkey, Lhotse monkey, the golden monkey, Hamlyn’s monkey, red-tailed monkey, and Ruwenzori colobus among other primate species to make your visit to the park interesting. Another activity that can be carried out in the park includes birding with over 300 bird species, Nyungwe national park is a birder’s paradise and for tourists interested in birding in Rwanda come to the park to experience relaxing trip throughout the park.  You can also participate in the Isumo waterfalls hike where you will be able to see the magnificent waterfalls at the end of your hike. The park has the only canopy walkway in East Africa which offers great views while in the park, birds can also be seen lining up on the metal lines of the walkway which makes it a great birding spot.
  • Lake Kivu: While in the city, don’t forget to visit Lake Kivu, a lake that is famous for its numerous activities like the boat cruise where a number of bird species can be seen on the shores and water birds trying o fish for prey which makes it a great birding destination. The lake is also a great spot for sport fishing where you are allowed to take a fish back home as a reward for your participation in the activity. At the lake you can participate in different water sports like swimming which is a safe activity because the water is frees from bilharzia, crocodiles and others animals that can cause harm to you which makes it safe for you. At the lake, you can also participate in visiting the coffee island known as Nyamirundi Island where you can participate in the coffee tours. You will be taught on how to harvest coffee, roast grind for consumption and after the tours, you will later be offered a cup of organic coffee straight from the plantation to your cup which is an amazing experience.
  • Nkombo Island: While visiting Lake Kivu you can decide to visit a number of islands on the lake but one of the important islands that should not be missed out on is Nkombo Island. Looking for a place where to relax as you breathe in the fresh air the island is a place to be. It is characterised with a number of attractions that can be seen when you visit it and the most catching fact about the island is the raw kind of living they depend on fishing as there source of income and practise a little subsistence farming. If you are interested in having leisure at its fullest and having some peace and quiet, Nkombo Island is the place to be.

Butare City

The different cities in Rwanda will give you different options of attractions to see and activities to participate in which all Butare City can offer with the evidence of the following attractions that will make your city tours in Rwanda amazing:

  • Ethnographic museum: The cultural tours in Rwanda can feature the ethnographic museum as one of the cultural sites that should not b missed out on but also in the Rwanda city tours, while visiting Butare city, you will have the chance to visit the Rwanda ethnographic museum. At the museum, you will have the chance to know about the different cultural practises, cultural tools and the different features of the Rwanda culture that you will find interesting. The ethnographic museum is a collection of the different cultural aspects that show the evolutions of the Rwanda culture before and after independence. It should be noted that the museum was established by the Belgian government and it is one of the best ethnographic museums in Africa.
  • Mountain Huye: Another interesting attraction in Butare city is the mountain on which you will participate in amazing activities like mountain climbing, coffee tours on the mountains where you will visit the plantation, be taught how to harvest up to the consumption period. The mountain is known for its best mountain coffee, the Huye water brand because it is also a source of mineral water. You can also go mountain biking, hiking and sightseeing in the slopes of the mountains because they offer exceptional views.
  • Butare catholic cathedral: The largest cathedral in Rwanda is located in Butare and it is known as the Butare catholic cathedral or at times our lady of wisdom. The church is another tourist attraction in the country that should not be missed out on because of its history and culture that it avails. Interested in knowing the religious practises in the country you can visit Butare town and also participate in the cathedral services that are carried out to understand more about the religious practises interesting about the cathedral is the fact that they have a tour guide who will give you information about the cathedral its architecture which is so eye-catching among others.

Kayonza City

  • Akagera national park: Kayonza is the home to the akagera national park a park famous for all the big five animals in Rwanda. Nature lovers will find Akagera national park an interesting park to visit because of a number of attractions and activities to participate in while in the Park. The park is famous for its game drives where a number of animal species including the big 5 like the leopards, buffalos, elephant, rhinos and the lions all in one place and this experience in Rwanda can be found in Akagera National park. Other activities in the park that can be carried out include sport fishing on Lake Shakani and Lake Ihema among other activities. It is guaranteed that while at the park you will have the greatest wild adventure and thus your satisfaction.

Rusumo City

Rusumo, just like any other city in Rwanda will offer the best experiences while you visit the city. For nature lovers, adventurous people and those that want to physically challenge themselves Rusumo city is the place to be and It will not disappoint you at any cost because of the number of attractions that you will fall in love with at first glimpse.

  • Rusumo waterfalls: Leaving the fact that the waterfalls are one of the most beautiful attractions you will come across while on your Rwanda tour, the historical significance of the falls will also captivate you to learn more about them. The waterfalls acted as an entry point to the Belgians and Germans from Tanzania during the early time of European exploration of the East and Africa as a whole.  The 0europeans in the country introduced western culture to the people of Rwanda including the French language, the western kind of dressing among others traditions of the west and at the waterfalls you will be toured around the beautiful falls by a knowledgeable guide who will give you inside information about the falls which will be eye-opening to you.

Kibuye City

Some of the attractions you do not want to miss when you visit Rwanda’s Kibuye City include;

  • Museum of environment: The museum of the environment will show you its different efforts to conserve the ecosystem in Rwanda which can be seen on the different trips throughout the country. Rwanda is doing whatever possible to ensure its a green country and this can be seen with its electric poles where other countries use tree poles which means deforestation, Rwanda uses concrete poles among other measures that are being carried out to ensure that there is no disturbance in the ecosystem. At the museum of environment, you will have a chance to see how renewable d non-renewable energy is formed; you will also have a chance to see how people in the country are able to make herbal medicine by using nature’s products which will be an amazing experience to you.
  • Lake Kivu:  Lake Kivu will give you the best adventure in the country, the lake is known for its thrilling activities that are carried out on the lake and along the shores of the lakes. When you visit Kibuye city don’t forget to visit lake kivu where you can participate on boat cruises, can go biking, water sports, biking along the shores and walks along the shores which are satisfying and relaxing 

Ruhengeri City

Ruhengeri city is sometimes known as Musanze is one of the famous cities in Rwanda; the city is famous for its various tourism activities that are carried out while in the city.

Rwanda City Tours
Views of the Volcanoes mountains from Ruhengeri City

Among the cities in Rwanda, Ruhengeri is one of the most visited/ frequented cities in the country and it is one of the cities in Rwanda where tourists spend a lot of their income because of the interesting activities that can be participated in. Some of the attractions that can attract you to visit the city include the following:

  • Volcanoes National Park: The city boasts of having one of the most famous national parks in Rwanda i.e. Volcanoes national park where you will have a lifetime experience. The park is famous for its Rwanda gorilla tours five of the eight virunga mountains, golden monkeys and so many activities that can be carried out. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be carried out in the park which is one of the best activities anyone can participate in while in Rwanda.  The park has a number of gorilla groups/ families that can be trekked in the country on a daily basis which makes the activity interesting. The activity involves hiking the Virunga Mountains in order to access the gentle giants, whom you spend a period of one hour with them learning about their behaviour in the wild, the feeding patterns as they feat on the bamboo trees. With the encounters, you will see how gorilla families work which is quite interesting. In the park, you can also carry out golden monkey trekking an interesting activities where you get to search for and once you locate the golden monkeys you are able to spend time with them understanding their behaviour as well. The striking beauty of the monkeys with their golden brown fur on their body will catch your eyes once you see them, their round cheeks and beautiful brown eyes make them exceptionally beautiful which makes them one of the primates to look out for while in the park. Virunga Mountains hike can be carried out in the park because it is a home to five of the eight virunga mountains in the park namely mount karisimbi hike, Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhabura, Mount Sabyinyo and Mount Bisoke which offer amazing views, you will be able to see a number of attractions like the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo and so many more.
  • Lake Burera &  Ruhondo: The lakes were formed by the process of volcanicity the lakes can be seen during hikes on mount Muhabura and they offer exceptional views for photography, relaxation and many more.  At the lakes, many activities can be carried out like fishing, canoeing, camping, boat cruises among other activities that will be fun and engaging.

Kigali City

You cannot visit Rwanda and forget to carry out a Kigali city tour. Kigali city being the capital city of Rwanda has amazing attractions that will carry out a Kigali city tour. There are a number of attractions that can be seen while in Kigali and these include the Kigali convention centre, the Kigali genocide memorial museum which commemorates the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsis which led to the killing of over 1,000,000 which included the Tutsis and the moderate Hutus, the twas were also killed but the major target were the Tutsis. 

You will also visit Kimronko market where you will be able to see a number Rwandan spices, traditional attires, at the market, you will also have a chance to know the cultures of different people from east Africa and Africa because it is a collection of salespeople from different countries like the Congolese, Ugandans, Nigerians etc. You will also visit Lake Muhazi, hike mountain Kigali, visit cafes and restaurants among other attractions in Kigali which will make your Kigali city tour an amazing tour in the country.

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