Map of Rwanda  : Rwanda is the most rewarding destinations in Africa that will cater to the different needs for the travellers this is because the country has a lot to offer for the different types of tourists for an amazing safari experience. While participating in the Rwanda safari, you will get to participate in the different tourism activities for instance for travellers interested in the primate safaris in Rwanda, you can participate in gorilla trekking in Rwanda which will give you the opportunity to observe the behaviour of the mountain gorillas in Africa, you can participate in chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda where you will get to observe the behaviour the playful primates in Nyungwe national park.

You can participate on the Rwanda wildlife safaris where you will get to participate in a number of other activities like rhino tracking in Rwanda, you can also participate in tracking the big five animals in Rwanda, you will have rewarding views of the park as you participate in the boat cruise on Lake Ihema, Map of Rwanda .

Map of Rwanda
Game drives in Akagera Park

Location of Rwanda

Rwanda is located in the eastern part of Africa and it is a land locked country that is surrounded by Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Congo.  For travellers interested in accessing Rwanda they can access it through the Kigali International airport the international airport for the country, you can also access the country by going through the different entry points in the park like the bunagana border, cyanika border, Gatuna and many other borders that will give you entry to the country where you will get to experience the most rewarding attractions for an amazing Rwanda safari where you will explore the rolling hills of Rwanda, you will get to participate in the cultural tours and many other tourist attractions.  aside from the rolling hills Rwanda which is among the reasons why the country is infamously called the ‘‘African alps’’ because of the striking resemblance of the Swiss alps, the country has rewarding cultures of the people that you will find amusing as you also observe how they carry out their different activities as you observe a number of rewarding features for an amazing experience, Map of Rwanda .

Safety of Rwanda

While choosing Rwanda as your Rwanda safari destination among the African countries. You should not worry about how safe the country is and the safety of the different tourism activities in the country.  Just like any other country in Africa and the world at large there are petty crimes like robbery and many different police stations that can ore however these are being taken care of with the different police station that can be seen in the different cities and this has contributed to the low crime rates in the country which makes it a safe country to visit because in case of any problem the police is there to help.

 Another important aspect about Rwanda is the fact that it has good political ties with the different countries with the evidence of the different embassies that can be seen in the country, Map of Rwanda . For any problem you might encounter while in the country, you can visit any embassy of your designated country of origin and they will be able to help. For travelers interested in visiting the country to take part in the different tourism activities, before they participate in the primate safaris in Rwanda, the wildlife safaris in the country they are expected to take part in the briefing session which will give you the opportunity to understand the rules and regulations that you will follow as you engage with the wildlife which will help you to avoid a number of accidents in the park like the wildlife charging at you and many others.

Map of Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes

For the safaris in the country, book with us today to make your experience in the country quite memorable visiting the different destinations that will offer the best of the country not forgetting the fact that the country is among the safest countries to visit while you participate in your African safari.

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