Why Are Mountain Gorillas Endangered?

Why Are Mountain Gorillas Endangered? : Mountain gorillas are among the remaining gorilla species that can only be tracked in three countries in the world that is Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Gorilla trekking in Uganda can be carried out in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park, gorilla trekking in Rwanda can be carried out in volcanoes national park and gorilla trekking in Virunga national park for gorilla trekking in Congo.

The species are among the most famous of the different gorilla species because of the fact that they are endangered however there are a number of measures that are being carried out by the different governments to ensure that they are protected and to ensure that their numbers in the different parks are increased to ensure their sustainability. Some of the main reasons why the mountain gorillas are endangered include;

High costs of animal products

The price for the different gorilla products have attracted locals to make a shift from participating in their low income jobs in order to participate in activities like smuggling which is believed to be a multi-billion-dollar company which has led to the increased deaths and killing of the mountain gorillas because of the need to get gorillas which are on high demand by the rich. Some of the major products include the gorilla hands that are used as ash trays, the gorilla heads that can be used as displays in their living rooms.

Habitat loss

A number of activities like mining have also led to the loss of gorilla habitats which in the long run have contributed to the decrease of the numbers which has contributed to the gorillas being endangered species. In Virunga national park, some of the area is being used as a mining ground for a number of natural resources like gold, tin, coltan, diamonds and many other resources which has led to the migration of the gorillas looking for land for settlement and this has caused conflicts between other wild animals as they encroach on other wild animal’s territories hence fight breakouts and this has led to death of the gorillas hence making them endangered species.

Disease outbreak

Disease outbreaks have also contributed to the endangerment of the gorillas which has in the long run made them endangered species. There are a number of diseases among the wildlife populations that pose a threat to the gorillas and putting them at risk of extinction. Some of the diseases like Ebola that has contributed to the decrease of the numbers of the mountain gorillas in the wild as it was seen in 2002-2002 where 95% of the gorillas in Congo lost their lives due to the outbreak and because the species are quite vulnerable species that can easily contract diseases.

Why Are Mountain Gorillas Endangered?
Why Are Mountain Gorillas Endangered?

Bush meat

The need for gorilla meat has also led to the putting of the gorillas at risk to extinction, in some societies, gorilla meat is seen as food for the elites which has contributed to the killing if the gorillas in order to feast on the meat and because of such a mentality, it has led the decrease of the gorilla numbers hence putting them at risk of extinction.

Animal trade

animal trade is also one of the major reason why mountain gorillas are endangered, a number of people have participated in trading of the species and during the capture of the infants that are sold off to rich sanctuary owners abroad, they loot and kill the adults in order to possess the young ones because the gorillas are quite aggressive species that can react violently once their young ones are under threat and because of this a number of adult gorillas have lost their lives as a result of the capturing of the infants which in the long run has led to the decrease in the number of gorillas.

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