Rwanda to host the CHOGM : Rwanda was meant to host the CHOGM a few years back but failed to because a few known reasons but on the 31st of January of 2022. The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is scheduled to happen every two years and was so before the COVID-19 pandemic that put a hold to any gatherings of large numbers. The commonwealth association currently has 54 independent and equal members.

The commonwealth member countries sit down and agree on shared development goals, methods of ensuring democracy and also focus on peace and these are shared in the Commonwealth charter. This community was founded from the British Empire and has since then and over the years welcomed any interested country to join. The Commonwealth is headed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her ruling is a maximum fixed term one but not hereditary.

A few of the member countries lie in Africa, Asia, United states of America, Europe and the Pacific and these include Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldives, India, Singapore, Barbados, Canada, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Tuvalu to mention but a few. Among these 54 nations, 32 of them are small states whose population statistics range around 1.5 million or less people.

The commonwealth nations welcome members from the wealthiest and the poorest, the biggest and the smallest nations coming together to work towards the same goals and values and all have an equal say ignoring the status of the member country. The leaders of the member countries on a bi annual basis hold a sitting to discuss the progress and the way forward for this association.

Rwanda to host the CHOGM
Rwanda to host the CHOGM

New date for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)

The most recent meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government was to be held in Rwanda, Africa in June 2020 however this is the year travel between countries was halted and this made it impossible for the heads to travel to the host country. Rwanda was planned to be the host country in 2020 and also after postponing the event to June 2021, it was again postponed further to give the visitors a chance to adjust to post-COVID travel.

It is with great joy that a new date has been set for this gathering as His Excellency Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda, one of the member states of the commonwealth along with Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth announced the new dates for this meeting.

The 2022 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting has been scheduled to take place during the week of 20th June 2022 and this was a joint agreement from the other commonwealth member countries. These meetings have great levels of constructive, consultative and policy making agreements.

The last meeting for the CHOGM was held in London in 2018 and this is where they all agreed to have Rwanda host the next meeting.

Rwanda is ready to welcome the 54 plus delegates and representatives to Kigali Rwanda this June 2022 and this is to be done in the safest and most productive way. No being able to host them the past two years was evidence on how close they are and need to strengthen their bond for the bettering of the countries and for the most sustainable results.

Rwanda to host the CHOGM
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This event in June 2022 also will base on how to address the current COVID-19 pandemic and how to maneuver with more technological and economic friendly ways to support the people of the countries.

Rt. Hon Patricia further highlighted on how people have adjusted to the pandemic and after four years they can meet again in person for real personal sharing of values, ideas, issues and this will be the first CHOGM meeting to be held again in Africa after a decade.

We look forward to hosting a few of the delegates or the participants in this meeting for a Rwanda safari incase of some free time. It would be great to visit Rwanda and take a visit to the Volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking as there is even a conference discount. Get in touch with us and let us plan and discuss about your visit to Rwanda.

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