Safety of Rwanda During COVID-19

Safety of Rwanda During COVID-19: The current covid-19 in the world has shaken a number of countries where a number of countries have closed their premises for tourism-related activities with the fear of the increase in the number of covid-19 cases which have claimed a number of people lives. For some countries that are open for tourism, a number of tourists are interested to find out whether they are safe for travel and whether they have put in place a number of safety precautions to minimize the spread of the virus. 

Safety of Rwanda During COVID-19

With this guide, you will understand why Rwanda is among the few African countries that were declared safe for travel during the global pandemic with a number of safety measures that were put in place by the government across the whole country and at the different tourism destinations in order for the tourists to feel safe as they go about their memorable Rwanda safari. With the necessary prevention covid-19 measures, a number of travellers can take part in the different activities like; gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park, the Rwanda genocide tour, chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park hiking the different trails in Nyungwe national park,  hiking the virunga mountains in Rwanda, Kigali city tour among other rewarding activities during their Rwanda safari for a rewarding experience in the country.

Safety measures put in place

  • Before any tourist accesses the parks to take part in the Rwanda safari, they should present a negative covid-19 certificate which must have been acquired 120hours before travel to the country in order to minimize the spread of covid-19 to the people.
  • While in the country, tourists are advised together with the locals to put on their masks as they take part in their daily activities while in the country in order to avoid the spread of the virus among the tourists and the locals as well.
  • Social gathering with over 70 people are highly prohibited by the government because they can easily lead to he spread of covid-19 and during the social gatherings, all attendees are supposed to put on their face masks to avoid spreading the virus.
  • Temperature guns that will check for any temperature abnormalities which can be a sign of covid-19 can be seen in a number of areas that are accessible by locals and tourists these are put in place to cope with any risks of spreading the virus.
  • Regular disinfecting of  the exposed surfaces to avoid contaminating other surfaces which can lead to easy spread of the virus for instances tourists are advised to regularly disinfect their vans..
  • Regular sanitizing of the tourists hands should be ensured because of the fact that you might get in contact with contaminated surfaces which harbor covid-19 and also handshakes, hugs should be avoided.
Safety of Rwanda During COVID-19
Safety of Rwanda During COVID-19

Safety measures at the tourism destinations in Rwanda

  • Well trained personnel at the different tourism destinations can be seen across the country to ensure that you have a safe activity that will not make your safari quite discomforting. If you choose to visit the different national parks in the country you will have a well trained guide and ranger that will assist in case of any queries and also protect you from vicious animals.
  • Before you take part in the different activities in Rwanda during covid-19, you will first undergo a briefing session which will give you an insight of what the activity involves, the rules and regulations you have to follow to ensure that you a safe activity. This should be noted that the session is compulsory for all tourists that visit the different tourism destinations in the country to avoid any accidents during the activity.
  • There are security personnel at every tourism destinations in the country to avoid any security threats that can make you uncomfortable or any travels. It should be noted that before tourists access any tourism destination, they are searched for any threats to avoid accidents making Rwanda one of the safe countries to visit during covid-19
  • As another way to avoid the spread of the virus and a way to ensure the safety of Rwanda during covid-19, the country as stressed business operators/ tourism destinations a and support facilities to put in place sanitizers at destinations to minimize the spread of the virus.
  • Infrastructure development in Rwanda has made tourism quite easy and also in away has led to the safety of Rwanda during covid-19. It should be noted that the good roads limit and help avoid a number of road accidents which can be fatal to the people and travelers in general.
  • The Rwanda defense force works hand in hand with the local community to ensure that the people are protected with their property and this goes for the tourists as well and when you come across any military person during your safari do not be alarmed because they are there to protect you.
  • The country has a number of police stations distributes country wide to ensure the safety of Rwanda during covid-19. The police is able to help at any time of the day in case of any problem that might hinder your stay in the country but with the tight security offered by the police there are low crime rates in the country making it one of the safest countries to visit during covid-19.
  • The country works hand in hand with different countries and by this you can see different embassies of other countries established in Rwanda and case of any problems encountered in the country in regards to travel you can visit your country’s embassy in the country to feel at home and also be helped. Some of the embassies in the country include;  embassy of Belgium, the Ugandan High Commission, the embassy of united states OF AMERICA, Embassy De France, Embassy of Germany,  embassy of turkey,  embassy of the republic of Korea among others making the country quite safe with a number of diplomatic relations.
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