Sipi Falls

Sipi falls is one of the tranquil places found with in Uganda, it is found in the eastern region of Uganda on the foothills of mountain Elgon. The waterfalls are located in Kapchorwa district northeast of Sironko and Mbale. Sipi falls has a series of three tranquil tares of waterfalls the first one falls at 100m, the second at 85 meters and the third falls at 75 meters to the bottom of the falls. Sipi falls is ranked among the best romantic places or sites found in Uganda. The sipi waterfalls are situated at the edge of the biodiverse mountain elgon national park at the border of Uganda and Kenya.

Sipi Falls

Sipi falls has been acting as the starting point from many hikes to mountain elgon, at the falls; you can get a clear view of the plains (Karamojong) and other spectacular sites. The falling masses of water form moisture which when passed through by light rays forms a rainbow ring around the falls, this provides a breath taking scenery around sipi waterfalls. Sipi falls was named after a locally famous plant called Sep.  The plant is mainly found along the banks of the river and it is believed to have a lot of important medicinal importance. Therefore, a lot of people used to travel to Mbale for the plant and when tourists visited, the local people thought they had gone for the plant and the falls picked the name form the sep plant.

Sipi falls area is famously known for the growth of the Arabic coffee from the fertile alluvial soil from the weathered rocks of mountain elgon. The Arabic coffee is growth between altitudes of 1600m to 1900m above sea level on mountain elgon. The Arabic coffee plantation provides a good chance for coffee tours which offer a good opportunity to learn about how coffee is grown an processed locally. The coffee tours are part of the hiking activity around the area in mountain elgon national park.

Activities done around sipi falls

Mountain biking is one of the activities done at sipi falls; sipi falls is the starting area for a lot of mountain activities in mountain elgon national park. Besides staring at the great views around sipi falls, there is a lot more to do when you visit sipi falls.

The most famous activity about sipi falls is hiking; it involves nature walks through well organizes trail networks. Nature walks through the hike trails offer an opportunity to see a lot of interesting scenic beauty. The nature walk to the bottom of the falls is the most interesting and famous trail. The trail to the bottom of the falls goes through villages and crop gardens which offer an interesting time.

Another activity is the coffee tour which highlights almost all the trips to sipi falls. The coffee tour through the coffee shambas on the slope of mountain elgon offers insight on how coffee is grown, picked, shelling, and grinding among other interesting local processing steps of coffee. You can also get a chance to taste some of the coffee beans or even take a cup of this amazing aromatic African coffee processed with love.

Mountain biking is another epic experience you should not miss out for your trip to the falls. The bikes are booked from sipi river lodge; it has also developed the most accessible mountain biking trails to fit your interests, from hard to downhill trails. The mountain biking activity is not only an enjoyment, but it is also a rejuvenating exercise to get your body physic back in proper.

Cultural tours are also awesome with in the sipi falls area; the region is mainly dominated by the sebei and masaba people. The folklore of the bamasaba is such an interesting tale or even legend when told by the old people with in the community. The sipi falls cultural tour is also an opportunity for you to learn about the different cultural rituals of the bamasaba like circumcision which they call imbalu in the local language.

Abseiling and rock climbing is among the most interesting and exciting activities at sipi falls. With the help of the skilled guides, the climbers use rappels to climb up or down the rocks. Descending down to the falls is the most exciting; the water from the falls splashes on your face as you steadily descend down from the top of the falls on a rappel tied onto a hard rock, its indeed exciting and thrilling at the same time.

The best time to visit sipi falls 

The falls are an awesome place and can be visited at any time of the year because it experiences a tropical climate which makes it have warm temperatures all year long with no unexpected changes in the climate. Sipi falls is a cool area compared to the neighboring areas. This makes it an interesting place to hide when escaping away from the daily hustle.

Sipi Falls
Sipi Falls


Where to lodge in sipi falls shouldn’t be the reason for you to worry because there are a number of accommodation facilities around and near sipi falls. For the budget vacation at sipi falls, the crow’s nest is the best option; it is situated on the slopes of mountain elgon with spectacular view of the sipi falls and the surrounding vegetation cover.

Sipi falls resort is another option for you located within mountain elgon national park. It provides self-contained cottages with the view of the Karamojong plains and the stunning sipi falls. You can also choose to spend some time at the sipi river lodge for a luxurious vacation. Sipi river lodge provides a stay in luxurious cottages with amazing décor to soothe your senses. Other lodges include lacam lodge, Noah’s ark hotel, Mbale hotel among others.


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