When Best To Travel To Rwanda : Rwanda is a country in East Africa, with a population of almost 12 million. It is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Safaris in Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda is a country in central Africa, formerly called Ruanda. It has a population of about 11 million people with an estimated GDP of $16 billion. The capital and largest city is Kigali, which was founded by the Belgian colonial authorities in 1897 as Fort Dauphin. Rwanda has been inhabited by humans since the stone age. Rwanda is a small but beautiful country found in East Africa. It is commonly referred to the land of a thousand hills due to it’s hilly terrain, When Best To Travel To Rwanda

Overall, Rwanda’s four climactic seasons are represented through the long rainy season: March to May and the short rainy season: September to November. These seasons alternate with a long dry season: June to August, and a short dry season: December to February.

The best way to get there is by plane. Once you have arrived at the airport, you will need to take a taxi or minibus taxi that will take about 45 minutes. Or if you booked through a trusted  tour operator then our guide will pick you and drive you to wherever you want to tour. Once you arrive in Kigali, it is recommended that you book accommodation before your arrival as this city is quite expensive for tourists or better yet, let your tour operator handle all those details for you.

Rwanda is a country in Africa. It is a landlocked nation with a population of 11.2 million people. It has an average rainfall of 600mm and receives about 2,000 hours of sunshine per year.

The weather in Rwanda is warm all year round with an average temperature of 20°C during the day and 10°C at night. The dry season starts from November to April, and the wet season starts from May to October, When Best To Travel To Rwanda

Rwanda has many tourist activities that are available during the Dry season. The following are some   of the activities that tourists can enjoy during the Dry season in Rwanda:

Hiking up to Mount Karisimbi

Mount Karisimbi is the tallest mountain in Africa. It’s a remote and difficult trek to get up to the summit, but the view is well worth it. The hike leads you through forests of bamboo and mist, past rocky streams and across sandy plains. The trail can be busy at times so it’s best to bring a map with you when planning your trip.

When Best To Travel To Rwanda
Mount Karisimbi Hike

There is a lot of sport fishing to be done in Rwanda for the fish lovers and Lake Kivu is definitely worth the visit as you can find so many different types of birds and other wildlife that you can see while on a boat cruise.

Swimming at the Lake Ihema in Rwanda

Swimming at the Lake Ihema in Rwanda has been a popular activity for many children and teenagers in the Kigali region. The lake is fed by the rain that falls on Mount Nyiragongo which is one of Africa’s highest active volcanoes, When Best To Travel To Rwanda

Enjoying waterfalls, rivers, and lakes with a view of Mount Karisimbi

The Karisimbi Volcano is the highest mountain in Africa, and the only active volcano on the entire continent. It is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is part of Virunga National Park. The park was established by a Belgian missionary in 1925 with a mandate to protect endangered species like gorillas and chimpanzees.

Rwanda has many tourist activities during wet season too. . Rwanda is home to many different species of animals and plants that are not found anywhere else in the world. It also has a lot of natural resources like lakes, rivers, forests, mountains, and savannas.

It is not easy to pack for a trip to Rwanda. It is a country that has a lot of natural beauty and culture, which means you will be packing for an adventure. First of all, you need to know what to pack for Rwanda. Here are some tips:

– You should pack clothes that are easy to wash and dry in the sun.

– Pack clothes that are light in weight so you can enjoy your time outside more, When Best To Travel To Rwanda

– Pack clothes that can withstand the cold temperatures at night or when it rains heavily.

Rwanda is a country that offers tourists a lot of things to do. One of the most popular attractions is gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park. Rwanda offers a vast range of outdoor activities. Tourists can choose from adventure sports, mountain climbing, trekking, kayaking and even horse riding.

Rwanda is a beautiful country with many different types of wildlife and natural beauty. The people are friendly and welcoming, which makes you feel like you was in my own home away from home. The culture is richly diverse, with its own unique customs, language, and even music. You can find a lot of places to explore on foot or by bike as well as many opportunities for adventure sports such as hiking or surfing. This country should definitely be on your list if you want to visit Africa!

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